Cheats hack Redemptoris Remastered code:heart, body armor, prayers, keys, secret combination, boss location, treasure chest Redemptoris Remastered Hack tools gift voucher codes game bug android, ios.

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Redemptoris Remastered hack cheat code List

heart - use hack zdlyqkpYj
daily pack - enter pass CocGhEJdh
body armor - 3wa0h8uXP
prayers - xaJEIrVrI
booster pack - 43jGDy3wp
keys - f7oyVj2Wm
Month Card x1 - hBa3Y8Xa9
free version - nZ8o1Qo19
daily gift bag x10 - IwlF042nu
secret combination - N0kz93Vo1
boss location - MhYVRRN9Z
treasure chest - kHlpLyli7
upgrade - BiqmP6vri
level up - iTuC028eC
premium unit - ADkEEVIqN
artifact - o6qaYJf3k

Redemptoris Remastered use cheats
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Game story

There is nobody left but little chan, and the world is swarming with demons, the Deceiver, and hosts. Keep little chan away from them long enough to get the key to Paradise. The journey is not easy, and it's the only way out. Are you up for the challenge? Help little Chan on her journey by avoiding her enemies. The world little chan lives in is a maze. You must find the exit of each level so that little chan can move on. Move hero through her world by pressing the up, down, right, and left buttons. Prayers are used to remove enemies from character's path. Move Chan over prayers to collect them.

Redemptoris Remastered Hack Basics

To make enemies disappear, anticipate where they will be first. Then press on the prayer button to lay a prayer on the enemy's path. Be careful not to collide with an enemy. When unit collides with an enemy, she loses one heart, and she only has seven. If she has no hearts left, hero falls and you will have to start over. Body armor (aka the Rosary) replenishes Little chan's hearts. Move unit over body armor to collect them. Each body armor replaces one missing heart. Press on the armor button to replenish hero's health.

Hint & Tips

1.There are counters at the top-left of your screen. Here you can see how many hearts, prayers, and body armor you have. There is also a counter for key to paradise. THis number will remain at zero until you find it.
2. Use hack tools menu, and enter cheat code - give: heart, body armor, prayers, keys, secret combination, boss location, treasure chest, premium unit, artifact
3. Remember, the goal is to find the key to paradise before character falls.

Redemptoris Remastered Hack tools Version:


Redemptoris Remastered Redeem code - premium gift box

2. ihOILSiZO0fvc4w
3. ArReraRRvPQzIio
4. kGE64EY6uUUuM8p
5. Ni0jHWUCqOdmCIn
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