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recruit x10 - use dGqbHpCJi
off ads - WNkrJ9ORg
secret combination - QMeBYBD3C
gems - rzB9tfemf
double rewards - OmMFWnSLY
consorts - OCZqcYw3R
intelligence - BAKPmy5aA
gold - bVkkCtjiD
starter package - Zafs7O1rk
admin panel - MtbK9QSpS
politics - 2KyMFRunm
food - use GN9QKSgh9
prestige - 6sN7KGAma
troop - VtYdv3Ksq
activity - T5BPFE1B2
talent - CzVd5C59m
enhance equipment - mvD3yp273
king's reign - aMr4hS9pt

Reign of Kings use cheats
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Game story

On a rainy night, a conspiracy unfolds. It strikes like a dangerous falcon. Blood, insurrection, slaughter - it was a night the royal family would never forget. You jolt awake from your nightmare, eyes snapping open. You've taken the throne, and it's the beginning of a new legend. With great power comes great responsibility. Handling kingdom affairs is your daily duty as king. Handle them well, or there may be serious consequences.

Reign of Kings Hack Basics trucos

Resources are the foundation of the empire. In this busy dock you can get the basic resources you need money food and soldiers. Battle: you can compare troops here. You have an advantage over your opponent, as your might is much higher. The higher your might, the fewer troops you will lose. When you win, you can gain player experience to upgrade player level. View the rankings and get free gems.

enter cheat (Reign of Kings gift codes):
upgrade trucos - X1mOPLqlS
level up - ttQvqafBu
daily pack - enter pass FPBAh19qH
admin account - ye0iJZEkJ
Month Card x1 - AgM0Yk4b8
booster pack - 8C2xUp7sC
evolve - tT9E54P3d
enhance - MIC0DYMQ0
Intelligence affects the amount of gold you get from levies. The higher your total intelligence, the more gold you will receive ( 1 intelligence = 1 gold). Politics affect the amount of food you get from levies. THe higher your total politics, the more food you will receive (1 politics = 1 food). Prestige affects the amount of troops you get from levies. The higher your total prestige, the more troops you will receive (1 prestige = 1 troop).

Reign of Kings Hint & Tips: how use cheats

1. Get EXP by clearing stages, handling kingdom affairs, and clearing daily quests. Earn enough EXP to level up.
2. Use hack tools menu, and enter Reign of Kings cheat code - give: recruit x10, gems, consorts, intelligence, gold, politics, food, prestige, troop, activity, talent, enhance equipment, king's reign
3. Consort info - love for you deepens every time your visit me. Increase my consort EXP for a higher chance to have heirs. Go on tours to obtain new consorts or increase the affection of your consorts.

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