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Game story

My lord, welcome! I am your advisor. I've been expecting you. Want to survive in dangerous Kaleria, we must first choose a race to forge an oath with. A legion of Ogres has encircled the city. We must deal with it immediately. The city wall isn't going to hold up much longer. We're low on troops. Quick, train some. Defeat all enemies to achieve victory. Melee soldiers must get close to the enemy to attack. Ranged soldiers can attack the enemy directly. We can cast a hero skill to counterattack.

Reign of War Hack Basics

It seems the nearby Ogres have been put under Heinz's control. We have to develop our land faster. First, let's learn how to gather resources. After Farmers gather for a time, they will store resources in the corresponding building. Let's go to emerald Dream and do an summon ceremony. There's a chance we'll recruit the strongest hero around. Gathering resources takes some time. We can keep developing our territory. The town hall is our most important building. Dispatching more farmers can help you gather more resources. Drag the silver or enter a number to set farmer amount.

Hint & Tips

1. Complete challenge quests to get dragonsouls and facilitate dragon egg hatching. Dragonsoul are the key to hatching a dragon egg. Complete all the quests for this stage to claim a challenge reward and unlock the next stage of challenge quest.
2. Use hack tools menu, and enter cheat code - give: dragonsouls, eggs, resources, speed up, shards, gems, build expansion pack, research exclusive pack, stamina, jade stone, activity points
3. Dragonsouls will be instilled into the dragon egg, and after dragonsoul points are full, a dragon will hatch.
4. Researching tech can rapidly increase the city's power. Remember to research tech that's been unlocked.
5. Wait delays a unit's action for a more opportune moment. Auto battle frees you from having to repeat tedious actions.
6. Activity level is based on your total points from the last 20 days, so remember to do daily quests everyday.

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