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Game story

Are you awake paltry humanoid? Stop repeating yourself, stand up. That's an order. I am about to give you complete command of the Sandman. The ship you are standing on right now. Everyone on board is dead except you, so you have to take command. Listen, i don't want to rush you, but there's a few alerts pilling up on my systems, and i need a commander to deal with them. Do you agree to assume command of this ship and follow the 7 statuses of the stardominion? I will activate your all level access to every sub system.

Reigns Beyond Hack Basics

Before you can utter a world, a deafening explosion sicks all the air from your lungs. You faint. You wake up in a large arena, surrounded by thousands of beings. Angry beings. The crowd is getting angrier and angrier. You back off a few steps. Brandon's guitar is at your feet. You feel an urge. Turn the volume up and grab the guitar.

Hint & Tips

1. Characters: Dose - engineer, polymath. Terrific live coder. The concert visuals and effects. Anton - professional bruiser. Ex-conglomerate marine, mechanic, drummer. Sala - was the pilot of the Fury. Expert in explosive and bass player. We'll split equally the proceeds of the concerts and any other activities.
2. Use cheat code, and give: oxygen, fuel, money, new cards, hints, right answer, premium ship, new planet, credits, full version

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