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Reverse Dungeon Game story

I don't believe it, it IS our Demon Prince! Prince! It's me, Pitang! Just a minute ago I heard a big crash, and all of a sudden the whole world turned into something like this. What's going on with all this? A peasant woman fell out of the sky from nowhere and somehow took my power of the Demon God away from me. I can't still sense my power though, she has no chance of escape! Long story short: someone stole the power of the Demon God from me, though I can still sense it somewhere around here. Let's return to the castle for now. Alright, my liege. We are much weaker than before, however, so the return journey might be quite dangerous. Please be careful and just try to get used to this new form for now!

Reverse Dungeon Hack Basics trucos

Low level gear shards can be exchanged at the shop for higher level shards. Safe return activated, you can roam the map freely! Adventure is always accompanied by risk. There's no harm in a moment's rest. Are you sure you want to leave the Dungeon? The following items can't be taken out of the Dungeon. They have been disassembled or thrown away. Tap to return. Some of the player character's abilities don't need to be equipped indefinitely. These are the private lands of the Demon Prince. Prince, any intrusion will be severely punished! Wait a second, this is impossible--only the Demon Prince himself can open the gate. You must help us all and do it soon, my liege, this puny form doesn't show any of my muscles!

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We are not very strong, at the moment, but if we want to recover our strength we will have to endure this humiliation and take things slowly along the path to redaiming power. This current vessel of yours is a little fragile, my Demon Prince. Whenever you enter a deeper level of a dungeon, the amount of energy comsumed will increase. You will find more treasure when your energy is full, my lord. However, if you run out of energy, it would be better for my dear Demon Prince's health if you were to end your adventure. I still have some energy potions made by my very own secret formula. Drink one to replenish your energy in case of need. I have a small personal request I would like to mention here: please help me to restore my power as well. After selling items, Little Devil will use a portion of the funds to purchase food.

Reverse Dungeon Hint & Tips: how use cheats

1. Wishing Stone - A precious token found on some monsters of the Dungeon. Combine a number of them at the Wishing Pool of the Queen to receive a Prophecy that is as likely to bring challenge as it is to bestow riches. It's said that Wishing Pool of the Queen is hidden in a corner of the Dungeon, you must open your eyes wide if you are to find it, adventurer.
2. Use hack tools menu, and enter Reverse Dungeon cheat code - give: party chest, gold coins, premium tower, skills, vip chest, refresh, off ads, gems, speed up, increase attack speed, promotion
3. Companions can only learn Skill Books from their own type.
4. When disassembling gear, embedded Gems will be returned in full.
5. I hid some Wishing Stones on the monsters, you'll have to defeat them if you want to get your wishes answered.
6. Deploy 3 Rare Companions of different types to greatly increase the atributes of deployed Companions: ATK increases by 10%; Accuracy increases by 10%
7. Aid Passive - Companions can be deployed when entering the Dungeon: 6% of the Companion's ATK, DEF and HP are added to that of the player character.
8. Full Power - Strike a heavy blow, dealing 150%+20 ATK damage to the target.
9. Queen's Blessing - Pray to the Queen and receive a blessing that increases damage dealt against Earth, Water and Fire type targets by 10% for 30 secs.

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