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RichFight hack cheat code List

starter's pack - use hack XvEqXWOne
bullion - enter pass g3Sr2ISw3
off ad - XJ4OvQEEU
legendary cards - msIgcHap0
booster pack - b5fjybIvN
credits - ZVTC9BuOC
Month Card x1 - 8PloggmPM
upgrade - B7qGCZ6p5
daily gift bag x10 - G4RthkZKU
secret combination code - qnpXKkLOd
diamonds - HlkGSVGWc
trophy - ZpUz7p2SE
instant open - mbA2woJpD
weekly box - zg0sdlKoO
chest slot - EVuRTw7Se
heroes - s1PNKoKYW
re roll - yhJ1ZuuKQ

RichFight use cheats
HOW & WHERE ENTER (tap >here<)!
Game story

I will be your trainer. You will move 4 steps. Use chips to summon your mini at fourth slot. Minis can be summoned on to the green grids. But now, place on fourth slot is better. There are still some chips left, let's summon one more unit. You will gain some chips each round. When aircraft is triggered, it attacks enemy player directly. Attack is shown below the aircraft. The sleeping characters will be awakened at action time.

RichFight Hack Basics

The shown number is your next dice outcome. Combat robot attacks enemy's minis on both sides. More units you win, more advantage attack to enemy player after action time. Enemy's aircraft is going to attack next round. You have to destroy it quick, use mega weapon - deal damage to all enemy players and units within the attack range. When a turn ends, if you have more minis than opponent, you can deal damage to the enemy.

Hint & Tips

1. All the heroes look like aircraft attack enemy player directly, only some values are different. Also, all the combat robot attack on both side.
2. Use hack tools menu, and enter cheat code - give: bullion, legendary cards, credits, diamonds, trophy, instant open, chest slot, heroes, off ad
3. Here is a solution: active skill. Candy's active skill changes your dice of this round to 4 steps.
4. After tapping action, the waking character starts its attack. At the end of action, landing on a mini triggers its attack.
5. You can change a daily mission for free once a day, or to change more by using diamonds.
6. You can open the chest when the unlock countdown is finished.
7. A valid deck is composed of 1 hero and 8 cards. You can't put in the same card twice.

RichFight Hack tools Version:


RichFight Redeem gift code

1. tAe2jG8YjCWhOC3
2. pqt2oQlgHdgAdyQ
3. 2N83eFk8VWOLpZn
4. f2stSdc0aoIuYAg
5. vISt4PlrmJln137
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