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Game story

Wise and brave, as the captain of your crew, you will start a new journey and dominate over the seas. A terrible storm has stranded you on an island, but the surviving crew believes that their captain will bring them salvation. As you settle down, you can expand the island, train elite troops and rebuild your ship, you may also encounter legendary heroes and explore uncharted regions.

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Defeated in the battle, we were washed ashore by tides on an uninhabited island. This is the 8th island we've found today. We have no choice but make it through the night. No monsters, no kraken! Tangerines? Food! Captain, this is the place. There's an abandoned fortress. I'll scout ahead. Fortune smils on us, captain! We can set a foothold here. Now we can go and fix the base. In case that we might settle down and live here. Let's build an Orchard and grow some tangerines on our own.

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With the guidance of the lighthouse, our men can always find their way home. The island's surrounding mist has been dispersed by the lighthouse. If we want to explore further, Charlie can do the job. Eagles are special units that can help you explore the fog, investigate unknown locations, and gather intelligence about other Captain's cities and troops.

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1. I wish we can set sail again, if only we had a ship. There's a shipwreck over the yonder. We can salvage it and rebuild a ship of our own. But before that, we need wood, lots of them.
2. Use hack tools menu, and enter Rise Of Island cheat code - give: diamond, gold, resources, speed up, golden chest, shards, keys, artifact, workers, unlock territory, legendary ship, decorations
3. Resources: Timber - a primary resource that can be found anywhere on the island. Tangerine - a must have citrus fruit for sailors on the sea.
4. Buildings: Orchard - acquire food from crops. Log cabin - the workplace of lumberjacks.
5. An unknown world is enveloped in the fogs of time, send your scouts out to solve these mysteries.
6.Complete the chapters, collect La Nina's missing parts and rebuild the legendary ship.

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