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Game story

In the age of legends, gods and mortals rallied under the banner of civilization. Year after year, civilizations fell and devastation reigned. Until a prophecy reached our ears: the chosen one would appear, and end this war. They would unite all peoples and raise this world to its peak - they would bring us all to Atlantis. Then, far off into the sunset in a lost land of yellow sands, a mysterious god found them. You, the chosen one. The wheel of fate turns once more, and a new era begins. Make your decisions carefully, and one by one your choices will be realized. Start now, choose a land, every step you take will lead you closer to the throne.

Rise of Warlords Tycoon Hack Basics trucos

Helpless city has been devastated, and needs the leadership of the mighty. let me enter the city, there are many matters that await you. First, you need to recruit more heroes to help you. This city has just witnessed your deeds and is eager to join your cause. Now, let's assign heroes to lead your army. Next, let's send your armies into battle, occupy territories, and regain lost lands. The lands we occupy can continue to produce resources for us.

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Occupation orders can only be issued when there are connected land around. Currently, occupation orders can be issued from the territory to the suturing area. Now, let your armies return to city. There you can let wounded armies heal, and replenish their numbers. An invading force has ventured into our territory. Make sure your army bring spears. Spearmen can effectively suppress cavalry. Then, se;lect target territory, support friendly forces.

Rise of Warlords Tycoon Hint & Tips: how use cheats

1. Army deploy - here you can see the command ability o hero to the army. Each hero is good at different types of army, choose army types carefully.
2. Use hack tools menu, and enter Rise of Warlords Tycoon cheat code - give: resources, speed up, recruited x5, legendary hero, fame, wood, iron, stone, food, vip status, gold, skill points, silver, gems, super monthly pass
3. The city council has drawn up a list of tasks to help you grow into a fine leader. Complete a quest to earn rewards, give it a try.
4. If your achievement value is higher than 10000 at the end of the season, you will receive a commemorative hero. The hero can't be sent into battle; it is just to commemorate the lord's valiance in battle.

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