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Game story

Reboot complete. Welcome, commander! Standby mode has been turned off. No other living organisms were detected on board the ship. The system has been initialized, so the matter that you are wondering about cannot be checked. it was confirmed that the last record was. Everything about the ship's operation has been automated, so it was designed to accommodate the minimum number of people on board. According to the stored records, it has been confirmed that this ship was undergoing tests for various functions during the practice flight. However, the system was urgently recovered due to an unexpected accident, and a part of the test record information was lost in the process. it is recommended that you repeat the testing process from the beginning. We will start with combat training.

Rising Star Hack Basics trucos

The scene that you are looking at now that shows the enemy ships facing your own is being broadcasted live via satellite. Now i will briefly explain how to control the fleet of ships. If you look at the bottom of the control screen, you will see selectable orbs. The six weapon orbs represent six weapons, and you can select up to three weapons when it's your turn to attack. The selected weapon orbs are used sequentially to order ships to immediately launch attacks against the enemy. You can think of the weapon orbs as an encapsulation of the energy required for the operation of the weapons.
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This means that the selected weapon orbs are injected into each ship. As a result, each ship will not need to reload missiles or bullets needed for attacks, so they will be able to respond to enemy attacks within a short amount of time. However, the maximum amount of energy that can be transferred is limited, so you have to consider this when selecting orbs. If you look closely at the bottom of each weapon orb, you can see a number below. This denotes the required amount of energy for transmission. And if you look at the bottom left (of the screen), you'll see the current amount of energy that can be transmitted and the maximum amount of energy that you are able to transmit. Considering this information, think about how to attack and choose an effective orb.

Rising Star Hint & Tips: how use cheats

1. If you look at the top of the screen, you can see that all three weapon orbs have been equipped for use. Once equipped, the transmission system automatically operates, and the ships quickly activate their weapons to launch an attack.
2. Use hack tools menu, and enter cheat code - give: credits, battery, blueprint, scout core, materials, diamond, increase leadership, catalyst, star coin, premium ship, components
3. Team - here, you can deploy, retrieve, or relocate your ships to any desired location before a battle begins. Once the battle begins, your ships must first destroy the enemy ships in the front in order to attack the enemy ships in the rea. So make strategic decisions and appropriately deploy the ships that you have. Also, even if you have a large number of ships, you cannot deploy all of them simultaneously.
4. Each ship has a leadership required for remote access, and the total required leadership of the deployed ships cannot exceed your leadership. Leadership can be reinforced through self development, so you should continue to advance your skills by progressing through the game.

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