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resources - use 3bxz5qPW5
frame - t8ScVrxSI
secret combination - GQksF3wMT
stamina - ewrwdv7h8
double rewards - arWXGEViS
shield - CSc3djt9p
off ad - J70Kqi1Y4
premium troops - DhoTjsDN1
airship - G5T2FTFRN
admin panel - qhBlJ5u8V
vip - S2wMhGKg5
builder - use Z0cOG4PKJ
lord exp - TsQ4soR1B
gold - SleGPvU7i
speed up - QPH85QUXd
heal - use 2tdMyU0r6
increase march capacity - ZSirBQkMv
equipment - 3Bdh0HuUl
skill points - LlcatuWAM
royal pass 9jYgoNlUy

Rivalry of Empires use cheats
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Game story

Welcome, let's start building the empire of our dreams. Let's start, unlock resource buildings to supply the city with food and wood. It remains to take care of the tree. Excellent, now we have the resources we can recruit more soldiers. You can choose the number of cadets and speed up your workout. Boost your cadet's zeal with hard cash. Distribute troops to the parade ground. It's time to level up the buildings. In order to become stronger, you need to raise the level of buildings to the maximum. We need to collect more food and wood to level up. Send troops to collect food. The number of troops can be adjusted. Wait for the return of the resource hike. Send a campaign against the fallen king. Send a squad on the attack quickly.

Rivalry of Empires Hack Basics trucos

My lord, you have not overcome the fallen. Our troops have been defeated. But we will definitely take revenge when you become stronger. Buildings: trade marker - here, you can exchange wooden coins for various goods. Stables - allow you to hire cavalry. Upgrade your stable to train more powerful cavalry. Alliance center - looking up to the same starry sky and having the same dream, you can find like minded comrades here to help each other and fight against strong enemies together.

enter cheat (gift codes):
upgrade trucos - 8aRc2daLK
level up - d8IbiNs0O
daily pack - enter pass 6QFJusBjz
admin account - irMCJAPTi
Month Card x1 - 2JLJcuzA0
booster pack - gyowXv6fJ
evolve - eW5B2GF7W
enhance - eGlhBhtlk
You are waiting for exciting battles, the development system of the estate and the lord. Upgrade your estate, recruit troops, form alliances, and defeat your enemies. Troops eat only food and do not die if there is no food in the warehouse. The total number of reserve soldiers is affected by the level of the city hall. When the total number of reserve soldiers exceeds the maximum value, new soldiers cannot be trained.

Rivalry of Empires Hint & Tips: how use cheats

1. It is recommended to send 2 troops to attack at the same time, and each troop should carry at least level 2 soldiers.
2. Use hack tools menu, and enter cheat code - give: resources, speed up, gold, frame, stamina, premium troops, airship, vip, builder, lord exp, heal, increase march capacity, equipment, skill points, royal pass
3. Game immerses you in a steampunk atmosphere, where steam engines and other retro technology has reached the highest level.

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