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Game story

Welcome! This expansion pack is filled with new rides, scenery and features. To introduce you to some of these new elements, we're put together several new tutorials. In this tutorial, we'll show you how to construct a simple swimming pool. To begin, click on the rides icon. To create a pool, click on the landscape with the left mouse button, hold it down and drag the cursor over the landscape. You'll see a "ghost" version of the pool appear. When you release the mouse button the pool will be created. You can add to your pool by dragging new pool tiles onto or next to the existing pool. A number of corner shapes are available - try selecting the highlighted 'diagonals' button, then adding some more pieces to your pool. Now select the highlighted 'loose curves' button, then add some more pieces to your pool. You can also replace existing pool tiles by clicking on them. Notice the tiled areas around the pool? You can add to these by clicking on the place tiles icon. Now add some tiled areas at the edge on the pool. We have now highlighted the grid icon. This toggles the display of the grid, which can be useful when you are building pools above the ground.

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Click on the highlighted paths icon This system allows you attach paths to the edges of your tiled areas, to link swimming pools together. Try building some paths, by clicking at the edge of a pool complex, then using the standard path building tools. The paths window also contains buttons for building ramps and spiral staircases. In front of you, you can see a pool complex. A pool complex is an area of connecting pools, tiles and paths. A pool complex can consist of just one pool or can made up of many pools - but they must be connected with tiles or paths. Each complex must have at least one changing room.

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These are needed to allow peeps to enter your pool. Let's add a changing room. Now open the changing room by clicking on the 'open or close' button, then clicking the green button. Well done - the complex is now open for business and the peeps will start using it. Now let's look at a number of important functions provided by the changing room. As with other attractions, you can use the finances window to determine how much people will pay to enter your pool complex. The better your complex, the more you can get away with charging. The size of the complex, it's design, features and rides all contribute to the quality of the pool complex.

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1. The changing room's second function concerns pool cleanliness. As peeps use pools, the pools become dirty. To keep the pool clean, mechanics add cleaning fluid to the pool filtration system contained in the changing room. This is done each time the mechanic inspects the changing room.
2. Use hack tools menu, and enter cheat code - give: animals, coasters, shops, free version, cash, super speed, admin panel, multiplayer mode, unlock new territory, world championship
3. Note that each refill of the cleaning fluid costs money, and each changing room maintains its own reservior of cleaning fluid. If you have several changing rooms, you may want to have them inspected less frequently, to reduce the cost of cleaning fluid.
4. There are three types of cleaning fluid available. The standard cleaning fluid should be fine for a medium sized pool, as long as your mechanics top up the filtration system frequently enough. If you receive any alerts that your pools are becoming too dirty, consider either increasing the frequency of mechanic visits or upgrade to a more powerful cleaning fluid.
5. Note that adding another changing room has a similar effect to decreasing the inspection interval, since each changing room has its own tank of cleaning fluid and its own inspection interval.

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