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rune - pcLmnRYlJ
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Game story

At the end of battles, HP is restored and state abnormalities, etc. are cleared, so fight as hard as you can in battles. By using teleport magic from the simple menu > world map, you can move to locations you have already visited. When a character's face icon comes to the center of the active bar (at the top of the screen), they can act. You can skip your own turn, and charge an act orb. You can use act orbs to launch continuous actions. For 1 act orb, sustained damage is reduced by 10%. If enemies look likely to mount a dangerous attack, charge act orbs and reduce the damage. Enemies may also use act skip and act over.

RPG Chroma Quaternion Hack Basics

After a skill is used, cool time is triggered, and the user must wait until the number of turns have passed before they can use the skill again. After a skill is used, the time until the next turn is made longer, in proportion to the rebound value. The guardian pillar cna be used to calm the fighting spirit of enemies in dungeons, and therefore lower the encounter rate. Conversely, it can also raise fighting spirit and the encounter rate. To begin with, you can make adjustments to half of the maximum value. However, by investigating the pillar in the area that forms a pair, you can make adjustments up to the maximum value. Also, you can attract nearby enemies for consecutive battles, or by using 10 season stones, you can fight with special monsters only.

Hint & Tips

1. If enemies are so strong that you can't progress, repeat battles using a guardian pillar, and raise your level.
2. Use hack tools menu, and enter cheat code - give: materials, enchant, legendary weapon, season stone, potions, exclusive artifact, gold, gems, stones, rune, skill points, full version.
3. Four kingdoms, colored by the seasons. A world where roles are granted by the Quadeities. Role phantom helper - a cover type role. The holder can creep into mansions as a servant, without making others feel that anything is wrong. Role spring princess - a royalty type role, always taken on by the princess of Spree.
4. A battle with girls aiming to become pop stars. A fun and delightful adventure around the world with four allies.

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