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Game story

Greetings! I see you are new to the world of Gielinor. My job is to welcome all new visitors to this land. Getting around is easy. Just click. Left click a destination to walk there. Left click something to perform the default action. Right click something to view all possible interactions. I'm going to teach you about skills you'll need to survive. You have many skills you can train. The more you practice, the better you get. I'll tell you about the woodcutting, fishing, firemaking and cooking skills. Let's start with woodcutting. Chop a tree until you get some togs in your backpack. Now let's put those logs to use. Light the logs in your backpack to make a fire. After you leave island, you'll be able to use your fletching skill to craft your own bows and arrows from trees. You can cook food on afire. If you're ever injured, eating food will restore your health. We'll need something to cook. There are shrimp in the pind, so let's catch and cook some. Wherever you see bubbles in the water, there's probably some good fishing to be had there. You'll cook your shrimp on a fire, if your fire's gone out, chop a tree to get some logs and make a new fire. Then use the shrimp on the fire. Oh, you burnt your shrimp? Don't worry, that happens to everybody the first time. As you get more experience in cooking, you'll burn food less often.

RuneScape Hack Basics

Open the gate, follow the path to the next area and talk to the master chef. he'll teach you more about cooking. The minimap shows the area you're currently in. Left click the minimap to travel to that location. You should cook at a range whenever you can. Now, i am going to teach you the fine art of baking bread. Fill the bucket with water from the sink, then use it to wet the flour into dough. Then bake the dough into bread. Be sure to carry a little food with you on your adventures. If you're injured in combat, eating is the best way to feel better. There are all sorts of food you can cook with the right ingredients and a high enough cooking skill. Pies, cake, stew, you can even churn cream and butter or brew your own mead. Follow the path to the home of the quest guide. A quest's name is red if you have not started it. When you have started a quest, it will change colour to yellow to show it's in progress, and to green when you've completed the quest. To find the start of a quest, look for the quest icon on your minimap. You'll usually start the quest by taking to someone nearby. Quests can vary greatly from collecting beads to hunting down dragons. You have to experience the thrill of questing yourself to fully understand.

Hint & Tips

1. The better the pickaxe you use, the faster you'll mine. Also, the better the pickaxe, the higher the mining level you'll require to wield it. You can use your smithing skill to smelt ore into metal bars at a furnace. Then at an anvil, you smith the bars into melee weapons and armour worn by warrior. You can smelt tin and copper together to make bronze equipment. Simply deposit the ores into a furnace, forge, or anvil, then use the furnace to smelt them into a bar of metal.
2. Use hack tools menu, and enter cheat code - give: resources, speed up, recipes, legendary weapon, premium equipment, secret location, artifact, rune, pet, mount, level up, upgrade, enhance, craft material, crystal, gems
3. When you use an anvil, you'll choose the item you want to smith, as long as you have a high enough smithing level and the correct number of bars. The higher your smithing level, the better quality of metal you can work. You start off on bronze and work your way up as your smithing skill increases.

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