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tokens - use z8hrjbWdx
off ads - Bpj4VD1AA
secret combination - xFAZYYN8F
chest - WG14EGkRQ
double rewards - N79ChycoV
premium pass - 69B1xJjW9
increase attack speed - dw01OXW1A
auto merge - UvkPUfyJP
starter package - NfcnRgPDu
admin panel - ZLTXsqhsQ
gold - aSNEGjrxA
unlimited mana - use jVvcVJtMv
legendary chest - 3AgEr5lgo
artifact - RoUntQTVp
gems - BISIoFLEK

Rush Royale use cheats
HOW & WHERE ENTER (tap >here<)!
Game story

First, summon a unit. Summoning units requires mana. You get mana for defeating a monster. Your units can't handle the enemy advance! Summon a few more units. Merge two units of the same type. As you can see, the results are random. Merging to rank 2 preserves the power of your units. But starting at rank 3 they will lose some power. Use all your mana to summon soldiers. Merge all your characters with each other. Each units of merge rank 1 produced one unit of merge rank 4. It's a strong unit, ut it hits for less damage than eight units of merge rank 1.

Rush Royale Hack Basics trucos

Monsters deal damage to the gate when they reach it: normal monsters deal 1 damage, bosses and mini bosses deal 2 damage. Enemies are attacking again! DOn't miss anyone more hit and the gate will fall. You need more power, but you only have enough mana to summon one unit. It's better to spend mana upgrading units that deal the most damage. Upgrade your lightning mages and get ready for a new wave of monsters.

enter cheat (Rush Royale gift codes):
upgrade trucos - VtLuSbNQ7
level up - OsdU897oZ
daily pack - enter pass VJVT51ims
admin account - 6xvq2w28R
Month Card x1 - P0hceW5A0
booster pack - ezZOO6XF5
evolve - LtPg3QXKo
enhance - jIbUyYABX
Upgrades affect all units: both those already on the field and new ones that will be summoned. Time to prove yourself in battle against an opponent. Summon units and get ready to defend. Defeated monsters go to your opponent's side. Use the knowledge you've gained and hold on longer than your opponent.

Rush Royale Hint & Tips: how use cheats

1. If you've encountered unforeseen difficulties, you can learn some tips in the Knowledge base tab.
2. Use hack tools menu, and enter cheat code - give: tokens, chest, premium pass, gold, off ads, increase attack speed, auto merge, unlimited mana, gems, legendary chest, artifact
3. When you complete all the levels of the pass, you'll be able to get a bonus chest for every 1000 tokens.
4. After merging non-attacking units, the power of their buffs increases in proportion to the merge rank.
5. Critical damage is an important value when dealing damage to mobs. Upgrade your units to increase it.
6. Units: archer - has high attack speed. Cold mage - lowers target's movement speed on every hit.

Rush Royale Hack tools Version:


Rush Royale Redeem code - premium gift box 2021

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