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members - use ykBjntxxy
off ads - w14qbQfdu
secret combination - pEz4kpQdH
tickets - kItsH9BvQ
double rewards - ybQ0hfe2y
cash - cDLgwiRcl
items - 3K9crIfhE
speed up - 3WFYTo3t4
Sakura Bazaar starter package - CCVCgPGEJ
admin panel - N6GxjNGTL
leaflets - rg5ztvsUb
rank up - use zD7y1Hy4L
premium gods - wmZ9fyBEc
gems - JMxACOeRP
manager - 8gPlEAoAn
game speed x10 - NztCRArw4
auto clicker - wKuXf2tKY
promotion - use BC8PQmlVB

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Sakura Bazaar Game story

Welcome to the sakura night market, through their own management can attract guests from all over the world, let the night market become beautiful! First of all, let's buy a welcome desk. Every customer who comes to the night market needs to pay a membership fee at the cashier desk. Click on the management, Click on the welcome desk. Let's set up a grocery stand, it's a money-maker for the night market! Click on the management> Click on the grocery stand>Click on the building. Now we begin to unlock the goods! The rarer the unlocked consumer goods, the more likely they are to attrackt high-spending customers!

Sakura Bazaar Hack Basics trucos

There are not too many customers in the night market. Let's get more customers by distributing leaflets. Let's send our leaflets to people a they pass by. Click on the guest to send the flyer. The flyers are very effective. Let's hand out all the flyers. Send out all the flyers There must be a lot of guests in the night market, so go and check it out. Back to the night market. Congratulations, we have customers coming to our night market - it takes time for customers to spend money, we can stopten the time by speeding up. Long press to speed up untill the guest arrives at the booth. Guests want to buy goods, quickly deliver it to the past. Click on the commodity bubble.

enter cheat (Sakura Bazaar gift codes):
upgrade trucos - zqgxBlat5
level up - n8UkbBc2u
daily pack - enter pass i45d08K1s
admin account - EZW6wTrrP
Month Card x1 - xAHnSmdY0
booster pack - 3fPl6O1As
evolve - pY7EqHa9b
enhance - JU8jFdJPn
Our stall owners is introducing the products to the customers. Please wait patiently for a moment. Long press to speed up untill the customer consumptions are completed. After the customer finishes the consumption, they will leave the money for payment at the booth, so go to pick it up. Click to pick up money. Accumulate money that can be used to build, upgrade booths, unlock merchandise, and even hire employees. Make money! Ok. now follow the main guest to quickly improve your night market level!

Sakura Bazaar Hint & Tips: how use cheats

1. Complete daily guests, receive a lucky dog busket. If the number of members reaches 200, you can enter the kennel, and start the life of dog training. Fishing fish stall owner called us fishing fish!The first fishing began! Game time is limited, keep clicking on the goldfish in the fish pond, try to catch them! Click on the start gold fish to pick them up. The first fish fishing smoothly over, want to play again, will keep attacking guests to fish stalls on, refueling!
2. Use hack tools menu, and enter Sakura Bazaar cheat code - give: members, tickets, cash, speed up, items, leaflets, rank up, premium gods, gems, manager, game speed x10, auto clicker, promotion.
3. Click on the double revenue. The double revenue effect can greatly increase night market revenue, click to experience it. Keep the change, fill up the gas. Earn double revenue for 600 seconds, during which time the customer's store purchases double.
4. Bunny - Raise the celling on ticket receipts. The cleaner - Automatically clean the night market garbage. The waiter - Increase the number of guests in line.
5.Details: 1 Grocery stands are the main place for consumption in the night market.
2 The goods that can be sold by the grocery stand are related to the goods unlocked by the player in the "Night Market Management - Goods" column. If the player unlocks the goods, the grocery stand will provide the sail of the goods.
3 The price of goods is different, the higher the level of goods the higher the price
4 Unlock different goods can attract different guests, the higher the level of goods can unlick the higher the level of guests.
5 The higher the rank of the customer, the higher the consumption power...

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Sakura Bazaar Redeem code - premium gift box 24.06.2021

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