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Samurai Warriors 5 Game story

It is the Muromaci Period, and the year is 1467 AD. An internal power struggle over the succession of the Ashikaga Shogunate devolves into the Onin War. The strife spreads from the capital to the countryside, quickly engulfing all of Japan. Thus begins the Sengoku Era. Ten years of battle have left the Shogunate in disarray. Those with the power to do so freely overthtow their own lords, and upheaval sweeps through the land. The battles waged by seasoned warriors wreak havoc on the lives of innocent peasants, creating countless tragedies that would remain absent from the history books. Then, after the passage of several decades, victors begin to emerage from the chaos, each seeking to seize unlimited power for themselves. Individually, they resolve to march on the current capital, Kyoto, to send out a message that would reverberate throughout the entire land. Who will emerge triumphant from this period of warring states? Who will usher in a new era?

Samurai Warriors 5 Hack Basics trucos

You will begin with the story of Nobunaga Oda. Selecting and clearing scenarios will unlock new scenarios. To get started, select the first scenario: "Raid on the Imagawa". You can change the difficulty level by pressing X. The year is Tenbun 15 (1546 AD). Following the collapse of the former government, Owari has been engulfed by a relentless power struggle. It was under these circumstances that a young man named Nobunaga Oda came of age. Nobunaga, brimming with curiosity and prone to recklessness, spent his days playing with his childhood friend, Toshiie Maeda, also known as Mataza. Nobunaga's outrageous behavior persisted even after succeeding his father as the head of the Oda Clan, drawing the concern of many a clan member. Around this time, the grand daimyo of Suruga, Youshimoto Imagawa, sent soldiers to capture leyasu Tokugawa, the minor daimyo of Mikawa. While others stood idly by as Yoshimoto, the man thought to be closest to the throne, moned as he pleased, it would be Nobunaga alone who dared challenge him. Racing from his castle with only a small army in tow, Nobunaga mounted a raid on the Imagawa Army to take leyasu for himself.

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For each scenario, you will select a Playable Character. At the beginning, you can only play as Nobunaga Oda. However, as the story continues, the number of characters you will be able to choose from will increase. In some scenarios, you will only be able to select from a fixed set of characters. At the Prepare for Battle screen, you can view the details about the uocoming battle. After checking the Victory Conditions, Defeat Conditions and the location of the officers, select "Begin Battle" to start the scenario. Perform attacks using following commands; Normal Attack: Press Y to execute a basic attack. Press repeatedly to perform consecutive attacks. Power attack: Press X after a Normal Attack to follow it up with one powerful, linked attack. The attack changes depending on how many Nornal Attacks it is linked to. Hyper Attack: Press X to attack enemies within a wide area while moving at high speed. During a Hyper Attack, press Y to unleash a Normal Attack. Combine Normal and Hyper Attacks to efficiently destroy your enemies.

Samurai Warriors 5 Hint & Tips: how use cheats

1. The battle situation will change dramatically as new objectives are issued. Clear objectives, turn the tide of battle in your favor, and earn rewards and EXP.
2. Use hack tools menu, and enter Samurai Warriors 5 cheat code - give: increase stats, escape points, legendary officers, premium equipment, skill points, health, attack, equestrian, musou, defense, speed, gold, weapon mastery, tsuzura
3. Switching Minimaps: To conquer the battlefield, press L to use the Area Map to view the entire battlefield, and switch to the Pinpoint Map to check your character's surroundings. Depending on the battle situation, the map may temporary switch to the Area Map.
4. The Odachi is a weapon with a wide range and great attack strength. Especially effective against crowds, it can take down scores of enemies with a single slice. Jump straight into a group of enemies with a Hyper Attack, and then use a wide-ranging Power Attack to wipe them all out!
5. When the Musou Attack is at least partially full, press A to consume the gauge and unleash a special attacks that deals heavy damage to surrounding enemies. If your Health Gauge is red, you will trigger the even more powerful True Musou Attack.
6. Your character earn EXP by defeating enemies. When a character's EXP reaches a certain amount, their level will increase. Leveling up rewards you with various bonuses: Enhanced abilities.
7. Rage Mode: When the Spirit Gauge is completely full, press ZR to greatly boost your abilities, including attack strength and speed. The gauge will slowly deplete once activated and, when completely empty, Rage Mode will finish. After activating, press ZR to end Rage Mode at any time.
8. Musou Frenzy Attack: Press A while in Rage mode to unleash the extremely powerful Musou Frenzy Attack. Activating a Muso Frenzy Attack will end Rage mode.
9. You will receive an evaluation after each scenario, reflecting how well you did in battle. The amount of gold, EXP, and Skill Points you receive will change depending on your evaluation. Aim for S-Rank in every battle to boost your rewards!
10. You have acquired a weapon that can be equipped to a character. Equipped weapons can be changed at the Equipment menu on the Prepare for Battle screen.
11. Weapons can be obtained not only by defeating enemies, but also by destroying bamboo boxes on the battlefield called Tsuzura. The rarity of the weapons you can obtain from these Tsuzura depends on your chosen game difficulty level and the number of scenarios cleared.

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