Cheats hack Save the Eco code:terabox, disabling missiles, spin, money, god mode, shield, crystal Save the Eco Hack tools gift voucher codes game bug android, ios.

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Save the Eco hack cheat code List

god mode - use hack kF3WFTYEk
daily pack - enter pass dxkJPmUBQ
crystal - iBtaWS7bD
terabox - Uw80Q1876
booster pack - IFKSpe9Eu
auto clicker - 1X4QYsM3h
Month Card x1 - uX5MMvUyP
upgrade - WcRJlgGAQ
daily gift bag x10 - Y9wWgEX7w
secret combination code - spNbEnjZL
game speed x10 - w9xQVe0Dq
disabling missiles - LCbJwtXij
stone - GOdk5NwOU
weekly box - zMWmDESo9
off ad - ervBsAyuC
spin - 3G1dF4j3c
level up - jCLyUDFrh
money - zsIQVAv1S
unlimited catalyst charges - fiX5S3uDh
power ups - umQt4DjFM
shield - bfw77ZqSc
recycling - bNoSSjm6g

Save the Eco use cheats
HOW & WHERE ENTER (tap >here<)!
Game story

Humanity is killing ecology at a terrible rate. We've developed a station to help restore ecology. Your job is to keep nature from dying and to improve the planet's ecology. So, you're in orbit around the Earth. This is an eco-improvement station. Planet defense progress - it shows the current level of ecology, the improvement and deterioration of ecology. Let's increase the efficiency of your work! Run the event "ecologists".

Save the Eco Hack Basics

To speed up the flow of time, press the Earth image. Humans launched the first satelite to protect the planet from our interference. When the satelite is 3, they will be able to create a defensive field and reflect the events and charges of the environmental catalyst. You don't have any special actions yet. They cna be obtained in the wheel of fortune and in containers. The wheel of fortune is updated every 5 minutes.

Hint & Tips

1. Protective field - this field protects the planet from projectiles and event rays.
2. Use hack tools menu, and enter cheat code - give: terabox, disabling missiles, spin, money, unlimited catalyst charges, shield, recycling.
3. You need to stop the destruction of ecology on our planet and restore it.
4. People have started to protect their factories. As long as it works, it will be much more difficult to restore the environment.
5. Section with events - that can hurt people. Useful thing, they can also be improved.

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Save the Eco Redeem code - premium gift box

1. 9ULyM66h46TKrpI
3. tfR1YpQLzbNFB3g
4. 2B0In0YzWf8eXdi
5. osRPWkQCGdp0Zbz
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