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School Tycoon Game story

So, you're the new principal? Anyway, managing a school isn't a piece of cake, are you ready for it? The students of Miracleville go to school here. There're cute little angels and devil troublemakers. What we need to do is to educate them properly. Let me give you a quick lesson to pass on my wisdom before you turn this place into chaos. Hurry up! A school bus full of little troublemakers is on its way! Students come to school by bus every morning. The number of students depends on how many classrooms and desks we have!

School Tycoon Hack Basics trucos

Look! The students are coming in! First, get this little bunch checked-in at the check-in station. After checking-in, students will be given badges that indicate the number of days! This is a simple job that any teacher can do. What are you standing at for me? Fine, i'll do it. Awoo! The school hasn't been renovated for a long time! If there aren't enough desks, the students will run away! We need coins to build a better school. Each new student will grant us more coins from the local animal government! When we have coins, i can...

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I promise i'm not thinking of buying cookies with the coins! I swear! Our school is subsidized by the state, so we receive all the time! If students spend an hour at school, the animal government will pay us coins too! Special students will grant more coins! Finally, students will graduate after they complete 3 days of classes! The school will also earn a decent income. Well, it's time to send these little ones to class before they run off and play. Last time, a little lamb student came into my office and ate my bankbook!

School Tycoon Hint & Tips: how use cheats

1. After students checked-in, teachers will send them to their classrooms to embark on their campus life! Shh, be quiet! The students are starting their classe now, so don't disturb them! When they graduate, the animal government will assess the knowledge students gained un school and convert it into, the school's bonus! Teachers are the heart of schools, and so are the school governors!
2. Use hack tools menu, and enter School Tycoon cheat code - give: diamonds, coins, staff, game speed x10, advanced bonus, off ads,offline time manager, auto clicker, energy, water, off mood
3. On top of teaching, teachers in our schools are also responsible for keeping an eye on the students to stop and bad behaviors. Oh, why counts as bad behavior? That'd be things like fighting, peeping and pooping, and so on. A student's knowledge will decrease when their blood level is too low! So make sure you have a sufficient number of deans!
4. New principal, now it's your turn to make this campus great! Let's start with upgrading the classroom! The classroom is where students spend most of their time, so it's always good to have more learning materials! Let's place a bookcase packed with homework, so the little ones don't have time to mess.
6. May be you can be an excellent principal! By the way, the better the school facilities, the more coins we receive from the animal government! But you know, the little ones rarely sit still in class. If the campus isn't set up well, they'll soon make it as messy as my house!
7. Different colors represent different mood levels of the students.If there is a color change, watch out for students getting bad mood! The closer the color is to red, the crazier the students will become! Students have 5 different needs. Each has an impact on their mood. A good principal pays attention to students' needs all times!

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