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legendary player - mIJlfRxjC
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HOW & WHERE ENTER (tap >here<)!
Game story

Are you ready to impress? Let's start with some basic shooting practice. To kick the ball, draw a line for the path of the ball. Make sure you draw the full path for the ball. Now try and find the top corner. When shooting, draw the line below the cross bar, otherwise the ball will go over the goal. Good going so far, now let's pass and move as well as score. pass the ball to your teammate. Play the ball into space ahead of your teammate to get a clear shot on goal. You're showing a good eye for goal! How about long passes and crosses? Draw a line to cross the ball and set him up for a header. You're progressing well, let's see how you do taking free kicks. To bend your shots, simply curve your line for the path of the ball.

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Careful! Misplacing a shot or pass will reduce your energy! You've pre-selected a player. This player will become your target for this pass. Tap him again to cancel. Use pinch gestures to zoom in and out. You can move the camera at any stage during a level by swiping left and right. Looks like you've been playing offline for a while. We recommend you play online regularly to make sure your progress is secured on our servers.

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upgrade trucos - t6N0bT4QR
level up - SIjw9OBDK
daily pack - enter pass s0fasaUbZ
admin account - zpEZTdrZq
Month Card x1 - twDMgodP2
booster pack - 6yGbeULG3
evolve - mkhvhTL75
enhance - QhHFn0pQR
Each season you have the chance to earn trophies. Tap on the podium to find out more. The more you earn, the better your trophy will be when completing the season. Energy boosts freeze your energy for a stage.

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1. Incredible graphics, showcasing glorious animations and hyper-realistic gameplay! Now with officially licensed, REAL clubs and leagues! Authentic kits and badges give the ultimate soccer experience! You'll be at the heart of the action as you guide your Hero from hot prospect to global superstar!
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3. You are unknown but your potential is extraordinary. You know your talents must be released for the world to see! Unleash your Hero on a glittering career by shooting, passing and scoring your way to superstardom!

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