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Sea Traders Empire Game story

The ship is resting on the ocean floor, and the waves carried us to this island. Let's explore it and find out what kind of place it is! Look, someone is coming our way! So this island is inhabitated! I will teach you how to cut trees - you will need them to build a fisherman's house. Press on the tree to cut it down. I would construct buildings only on an even place if I were you. Don't forget to remove the stumps. That's it, we are ready to build. Choose a fisherman and place him on an empty plot. The construction can be completed faster. Select a building and press "Speed up".

Sea Traders Empire Hack Basics trucos

Are you hungry? Order the fisherman to cook some food using the fish that he caught. Don't want to wait? Speed up food production: select the fisherman's hut and prees "Speed up". We have more food, and now we can accept more new residents! Build another hut for my subjects. Open the construction menu, select a hut and place it on an empty plot. I'm impressed! But don't get too comfortable - I have many more tasks for you. From time to time it's best to see if the citizens feel like paying taxes. I was thinking here - why wait for merchants? We can learn to trade, too! Then let's not waste any more time - let's build some ships!

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And what did you sell to merchants before? Mostly wood. We are still harvesting it, hoping that trade will resume. I will teach you how to get more wood! Let's build a lumberjack's hut. Build a Logger's Hut. Collect wood from the Logger's Hut. You don't have that many subjects though. You need more people to make more goods. Order deals, send expeditions, fight pirates to gain experience, and you will reach new levels in no time! Finally, we can go on a sea expedition! I've been waiting for this for years. So, equip the ship - a great voyage awaits us. Open the world map. My ancestors also marked the ports on it with which you can trade.

Sea Traders Empire Hint & Tips: how use cheats

1. The kinds of products the local merchants will buy are deplcted below the name of each port. Demand in each port changes over time.
2. Use hack tools menu, and enter Sea Traders Empire cheat code - give: resources, speed up, gold coins, diamonds, industrial, military, decorations, fleet, slots, premium ship, expand, workers, premium pack, vip status, off ads, admin panel, starter pack, offline reward
3. Choose the ships that will sail. In this window, you can select up for to 4 ships with different features. Let's limit ourselves to one faering for now.
4. Tap the port you want to send your ship to, or tap the ship icon. You can look over a full list of expeditions here.
5. I see some ships with black flags. Are they really pirates? Let's attack their ship before the pirates land on the shore! Open the world map. It will show you the enemy ships that can be attacked. Select an enemy ship. Select a ship. In this window, you can select the ship that will attack the enemy. For now, we will limit ourselves to a faering. Now press "Attack!"
6. Press and Hold the left arrow button and the ship will turn left. Press and hold the "right" arrow button, and the ship will turn right. When the enemy ship is in range, command to shoot from all the combat guns.
7. Also, don't forget that you can have other types of weapons - for example, powder barrels. They will help you break away from the ships that are chasing you. Just throw the barrel overboard, and when the pursuer runs into it, they will receive serious damage.

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