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Game story

Welcome, the club board has asked me to guide you around the club to familiarise you with your most important tasks. This should take about 15 minutes but we want to make sure we have the right person for the job before we hand over the reins completely! There'll be a reward for completing the introduction when complete. Let's start by getting an overview of our current squad. On the right hand side you can see a detailed view of the player. Squad - here you can see an overview of all of the players we currently have under contract. You can see the players position, age and strength.

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The stars represent the potential of the player. They give an indication of how strong the player can become. You can see your unit's form (circle indicator) and morale (represented by a number between 1 and 9). Status - tap here to see additional information about your player. Here you can see the number of seasons remaining on the player's contract, his salary and his market value. Unfortunately, our squad is no longer strong enough to complete in the top league so we should look to strengthen immediately.

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Let's make some room in the squad before we look for reinforcements. Select robert Flygare from the squad list. He has very low morale and has recently told us that he wishes to leave the club. Tap to place Robert on the transfer list. Other clubs can now see Flygare in the transfer market and can make offers for him. You will be informed of all incoming offers through your inbox. Now let's take a look at what players we can find in the transfer market. Swipe left to get to the transfers section. All of these units have been transfer listed by other clubs. The list is updated several times a day. You can sort most lists in the game by tapping on the headings. We are after a center back (CB) so let's sort the list by best position (BP) by tapping the heading.

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1. A yellow dot in column shows that they player's current manager is online now. This is good because it means we should get a quick response. We can set our price for this offer. The market value seems a fair price so tap here to submit your offer.
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3. The player has an expectation of what role he will want in the team. A rotational player will expect to be involved in 40% of all matches. We could suggest something else at this stage and he will respond by adjusting his salary. We should always be careful though to not offer too much because failure to meet expectations later could have a drastic effect on morale.
4. In rare cases some players may request a release clause, which could result in them leaving against our will. You should visit the transfer market regularly to find more reinforcements for our team.

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