Cheats hack Secret Forest Cats code:fish, wood, butterfly, firefly, production rate, hot spring, tree light, canary Secret Forest Cats Hack tools gift voucher codes game bug android, ios.

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Secret Forest Cats hack cheat code List

fish - use hack GsVNQhHoN
daily pack - enter pass 5LQRw1Uuu
wood - iTgGnb72a
butterfly - GCnZ7C7fN
booster pack - 91auvYKiq
firefly - AOOyVZ06C
Month Card x1 - qXgwjQZIe
upgrade - kccBcDL9s
daily gift bag x10 - 9XWlsuLPo
secret combination code - UeVIWDsVa
production rate increased - c8N4He1SR
hot spring light - JWqIaUAFO
tree light - 6B4a0tZS6
weekly box - NuymZmn23
canary - bxd8WDYM9
instant open box - kTzRfYZh7
free craft - HE0xFn27P
materials - WWgEKFwzj

Secret Forest Cats use cheats
HOW & WHERE ENTER (tap >here<)!
Game story

Kitties will only come over once you have the items and fish they like. Let's go get the resources you need! Collect wood: tap all over the tree to get woon. Fet fish - tap the fishing rod and tap and hold nearby the fish. Press down on the fish, and let go once the needle is in the red area. Whenever cats visit, fish will be consumed little by little. Collect wood to craft furniture. Tap the furniture icon to craft furniture of different shapes.

Secret Forest Cats Hack Basics

Cats are cautions little animals, so they aren't likely to show up if you;re staring! Try taking your mind off the game (lock screen/turn off app) and coming back later. Once a kitty comes over to play, they will be added in your profile. Every time they come over, the intimacy level will go up. Once intimacy level is high enough, you can see their special behaviors. When you have trouble collecting wood use hire lumberjack.

Hint & Tips

1. Assembly part - used for upgrading the fishing rod or building furniture.
2. Use hack tools menu, and enter cheat code - give: fish, wood, butterfly, firefly, production rate increased, hot spring light, tree light, canary, instant open box, free craft, materials
3. A cat visited for the first time! And ate your fish! When a cat visits, it is registered in the encyclopedia, swipe in the right corner. When a cat comes to play, it is registered in the profile, and frequent visits increase familiarity. If you will in all the familiarity, it is automatically registered.
4. If you friendly with cats you cna get a special piece! Use a book try to remove a piece of blank profile album.

Secret Forest Cats Hack tools Version:


Secret Forest Cats Redeem code - premium gift box

1. BPHQ82wn0WBa5kK
2. 1lyEOX1IxbcJO7X
3. zpjugHToizHDzjs
4. DQRbH9IcgOao0LI
5. LGBvir8DS9nW4cf
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