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Game story

Thanks you for your trust, grand master. Since you left for the New world, the situation in old Europe has changed. There were times when the influence of our Brotherhood spanned across the continent. You are on a global map, it shows what is going on in the world as well as the results of your actions. The map is now in shadow mode in this mode, it is easier to track the influence on the Brotherhood and its enemies. Here you can see everything that is hidden from the eyes of the uninitiated. You can navigate through the map using WASD keys pr by moving the mouse cursor to the edge of the screen. When you zoom in enough, at a certain point the map switches to world mode. It is designed to track the situation in the world and shows what is known to a more or less educated resident of a civilized country.

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Brother sector - it shows the current status of your direction subordinates. Only Brother Walter is currently under your command. Clicking left mouse button on the portrait automatically focuses the camera on the specified brother. Select the errand type that contains errands related to the development of the Brotherhood. Select the errand - recruit a neophyte. When the ALT key is pressed, the screen displays detailed information about the brothers and their errands. Clicking the right mouse button on the figure of the brother will display information about him and the last errands run by him. Cryptex - with it, you can control the time in the game. With the space key you can always pause the game or resume the flow of time. Use the cryptex to start the time and wait for the errand to be done.

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Brotherhood manager window - with it, you will be able to change the current membership of the Brotherhood and the roles performed by the brothers. According to the manuscripts, all candidates for the rite of passage are called Neophytes and are not let inside the circle of initiates during the meeting. They know what the goals and ideas of the Brotherhood are, that is what led them to us. However, they have not yet been initiated and they are not aware of the specific plans and future steps of the Brotherhood. If you like a candidate, perform the rite of passage. Let him at least become an acolyte, so that he canstand near the circle of initiates and participate in the life of the Brotherhood to the best of his abilities.

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1. The firs thing you should note is te age of the brother. Young people are receptive to new things and team fast, but they lack the experience and wordly wisdom. Many years of the bring many valuable qualities, but they are in followed weakness and disease.
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3. In the world, each brother has a certain social status and profession, as well as a set of special traits and personal qualities. All of this may either benefit the Brotherhood or lead to interaction difficulties.
4. having gained enough experience, each of us changes and moves to a new stage of life. With each such transition, new qualities are acquired, the profession or social status changes.

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