Cheats hack Seek of Souls code:stamina, restore HP + MP, adventure kit, prayers, treasure chest, gear, gold Seek of Souls Hack tools gift voucher codes game bug android, ios.

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Seek of Souls hack cheat code List

gold - use hack 6yU2PGK6E
daily pack - enter pass 5RNqelqRc
stamina - Mw27xKBWv
restore HP + MP- E7wLJvbIB
booster pack - 4dXBtbMW1
adventure kit - YZQCxwBDq
Month Card x1 - OGAXSF7tZ
prayers - o2RMyoZ0n
daily gift bag x10 - YUPwgL2RK
materials - Erb9BHphB
artifact - SNSVTld0Q
treasure chest - dZknyujcv
upgrade - qoKdKD5tw
level up - ElraBi7PI
premium gear - aHMNfuB1z
skill points - a3zyA53fL
gold - Qw8ZJ69ll

Seek of Souls use cheats
HOW & WHERE ENTER (tap >here<)!
Game story

Welcome to your free adventure. In this world, you are free to do whatever you want. Create an adventurer. The redo button will change your abilities and character. If affect the strength of your attack magic and the success rate of your magic. It can also be used to remove magic traps. At first, why don't you equip yourself and take a quest at the adventurer's store? The current information is displayed at the top of the screen. In the text is too small to seem or if you want to know the meaning of the icons, tap them to see the details. You van move one step at a time at the map. Tap next to the symbol in the center of the map." Use time" is spent to start a battle. If you drop the app on the way, it will be from the beginning and more time will pass.

Seek of Souls Hack Basics

In battle, you can use your equipped cards to fight. The battle screen can be scrolled horizontally, so if you have difficulty seeing the enemy, slide the background left or right. You can purchase prayers that will help you solve your problems as you go through your adventures. Rest a little and your stamina will be restored. Taking a long rest restores stamina and MP. Resting for a night will restore half your HP. Profile - here you can view the details of your character, use items and skills, and switch between the vanguard and rearguard. If you place your character on the left side, you will be the vanguard.

Hint & Tips

1. Exploration areas are randomly generated. As you progress, you will occasionally find caves or stairs, but if you go too far, it will be hard to go back.
2. Use hack tools menu, and enter cheat code - give: stamina, restore HP + MP, adventure kit, prayers, materials, artifact, treasure chest, premium gear, skill points, gold
3. The longer you camp, the more friendships between parties. But be careful, because some of us just don't get along with each other.
4. RPG to play in your spare time> Plenty of good old-fashioned fantasy. A real battle like a card game. Hire a buddy in town and take the commission. Seek out the "soul stones" that are scattered throughout this world. It's up to you how to explore this vast world.

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Seek of Souls Redeem code - premium gift box

1. kjU1M1aLjVu13Dr
2. OzTj8jp57iVrhet
3. 7zBLnjrOhsErPmz
4. W0gKq7eZCOUaG9E
5. TywPDhqDS2sIbub
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