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Thousands Layered Edge hack cheat code List

skills - use hack MKIFlsUrj
daily pack - enter pass YFPTpU8iP
admin account - MDrVooDDt
clothings - BLCPtaufM
booster pack - e5yB560Bi
special moves - VPELcAgyr
Month Card x1 - nWLGvnpWa
restore HP - ewFOXk2pH
daily gift bag x10 - rOjxpYbER
dodge - XGbhRir9I
weapon - HSzQYPXue
upgrade - BBKPk1Igs
level up - FuX2IpWvX
exclusive skins - fPmJDoIaB
arena mode - Z1V5aq9ep

Thousands Layered Edge use cheats
HOW & WHERE ENTER (tap >here<)!
Game story

This country has always been in a war state. Warlords and their samurais fighting each other just to gain control over more land. Then come the imperials, with their vision to unite them all under one flag. But the four great Kenseis, The sword Saints, refuse...They secretly gather and lead a rebellion force against the imperials, and prepare for one great war...Go to the bridge to the south east. Our contact must be waiting there. This will be your first mission. Don't worry, this should be easy. The target is the landlord of this land, it's a coincidence that he loves fishing in the nearby pond to the east. The guard will be minimum there, so you should have no problem to get close and finish him.

Thousands Layered Edge Hack Basics

Notice that you've gained experience XP from the last battle, which is our training session. You can use your XP to learn skill. Currently there's only one skill unlocked - swift draw. Now tap on the learn button. Now you can do more damage by attacking the enemy twice. The red tinted skills means your XP is not enough to learn the skill. So, you've received a new sword. In order to use it in battle you need to equip it. Tap on the weapon button to the left. A circled weapon means that it's already equipped. Check out the new Ginsu sword, it has piercing ability. It means that it can pierce through enemy armor for full damage. It means that it can pierce through enemy armor for full damage. It surely could be handy against armored enemies. Now you're well equipped to face the armored Warlord.

Hint & Tips

1. Game Features : Unique ink-wash painting (sumi-e) styled 3d graphics. Attack, Parry and Dodge with a simple swipe and taps
2. Use hack tools menu, and enter cheat code - give: weapon, skills, clothings, special moves, level up, upgrade, restore HP, dodge, exclusive skins, arena mode
3. Mini games for break between battles. Unlock unique skills and special moves. Different unlockable swords and equipment for each playthrough

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Thousands Layered Edge Redeem code - premium gift box

1. mn9DXVvKo2jZeFC
2. q6TcznWJVQc2gdj
3. Z8itKH88M68fOJG
4. nV8qgZnZLx6et5x
5. gz2N6GISB6b7uto
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