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Game story

At first, i was weak. Some tried to fight me. I became stronger. Some tried to control me. I developed new forms. Some tried to experiment on me. I deepened my knowledge about them. Finally, i gained consciousness. Now my evolution is complete. Behold the shadow mind, your new lord. Is there anybody who can match my powers? I don't think so, but i will give you a chance. let the shadow tournament begin.

Shadow Fight Arena Hack Basics

Attack with your weapon. Press button 2 times to perform a combo. Hold button to perform a heavy attack. Attack, while holding forward, to perform a special attack. And now try to perform an upper, low, spinning and a special attack. In a real battle, your opponents will block your attacks. Temporarily stop attacking to block. While your opponent attack, he can't block. Shadow abilities break through enemies block. Ling has a unique ability - slashing strike. It allows him to deal massive damage and break through opponent's block. Ling's slashing strike activates after every second weapon attack. But be careful - opponent's successful attack reset the slashing strike counter.

Hint & Tips

1. Each hero has their own uniques abilities. Shang the monk gains more shadow energy than anybody else, and in the Shadow form, he gets protection. Shang knows 4 different shadow abilities. You can see them. The position of the shadow ability corresponds to the direction you have to hold in order to use it.
2. gold, legendary card, hero shards, gems, rating points, prodigy pack, mythic chest arena x, emoties, +100% to your heroes attributes
3. Shards - you need to collect 10 of them, to unlock a new character. hero cards - you can use them to level up your heroes. After leveling up you can select a new talent for this unit. You can change the talents of your heroes at any time, absolutely for free.
4. The first step to mastery is to study your heroes unique abilities.


2 teams of 3 heroes participate in battles. To find an opponent press fight. Now choose a hero who will fight in the first round. To win the battle you need to defeat all 3 of your enemies heroes. At the start of the round your unit restored some health. Fight against real players, open chests and upgrade your heroes. Fight in ranked competitions to earn rating points. Proceed through the arenas, discover new battle locations and collect valuable rewards.

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