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Shelter War hack cheat code List

water - use hack RkA7QY6kf
daily pack - enter pass xsrEmC91a
food - lDJdun01h
materials - fZhJkBHys
booster pack - YdeEBchBx
speed up - sd2EvOI87
Month Card x1 - Zp7gXBDsG
legendary gear - tvisVuRlk
daily gift bag x10 - HY6SWID4f
bicoins - tLrXDFKrP
premium heroes - LAwuO4Xyx
drones - iWOt4shuU
upgrade - 9tEWp07cp
level up - ULtxFsRgq
limited pack - m4n4Fz6vz
crate - Mj3cHD9SK

Shelter War use cheats
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Game story

In the distant past. Long before the great cataclysm...Mankind had reached a peak in science and technology by the early 21st century. People were really good at using cutting edge technology. They made amazing discoveries and invested in their personal growth. Around that time the first artificial intelligence robot was created. And just like a human, the device was capable of self-learning. Ai robots became indispensable pretty fast. Some people did turn against them, but robots fought for their liberty and the right to pay taxes. Tensions began to rise. Radicals were committed to the complete elimination of all robots. Robots demanded legal recognition of their independence. Under firm leadership, they annexed the frosty forests of Siberia, and established their own free and prosperous nation. As is often the case at crossroads in history, world leaders failed to come to an agreement. Luckily, some people survived and went into shelters, until better days. And now better days are here!

Shelter War Hack Basics

Shelter technologies allow to speed up room construction and upgrade. What are we waiting for? Gather at least two fighters in the headquarters. But the fighters can't defeat even a mutscorpion's larva with their bare hands. It's high time to equip them with weapons and armor. Insufficient water supply for the new dwellers. Build another water filter. Don't forget to speed up construction works. Quick development is the base of survival. Send a dweller to the water filter room. By my calculations, the benefits of their presence will outweigh the damage. Select the second dweller at the shelter gates and move them to the farm. Our fighters delivered a crate of trophies to the storage. Let's open it and see what's inside. Weapons found in this crate are superior to ours. Equip the best weapon on the fighter to make them stronger.

Hint & Tips

1. The shelter has reached its technological limit? Upgrade the control center to continue improvements.
2. Use hack tools menu, and enter cheat code - give: food, water, materials, speed up, legendary gear, bicoins, premium heroes, drones, crate
3. Don't forget to check the log and claim a reward for a completed quest.
4. The introduction to shelter manage,ent basics training course has been completed. Now you can face the upcoming challenges on your own.

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Shelter War Redeem code - premium gift box

1. 1NHyQ0eHqhR9o54
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