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Month Card x1 - wqmYeVgMc
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tokens - 58a1ALr21
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daily gift bag x10 - yqtR5HIRz
SSR hero - 9LTfKukj9
growth pack - cJK2bQekc
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upgrade - UN0vc530M
expert pack - EUx5WlNfR
resurrection - fryFmS21L
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gold - jduwMyHna
superior enhancement stone - sXkl6hRhY

Shining Maiden use cheats
HOW & WHERE ENTER (tap >here<)!
Game story

You have entered the system core. You were right in your judgement. We've broken through the distribution defense system more easily than expected by disrupting the defense points. Now we just have to engage the system's forces. Sentinels are being activated. Now is your chance to attack. You must select a card to attack before the sentinel is activated. Your turn proceeds when every card slots are selected. Every machine has weak points, no matter how good they say its system is. You have to use card to recharge the ultimate gauge, but we charged it for you because we are in emergency.

Shining Maiden Hack Basics

The higher the grade, the stronger your skill card is. If you have the same card in your deck, you can increase card grade by moving or using skills. You can move card by holding it for more than 1 second. But you have to be careful when you move cards because your slots get used up. Don't worry if you made a mistake. Keep in mind that when you move to the next wave, your HP will recover. See the card on the monster? You can win easily by eliminating threatening monsters first. You can also set targets for each slots. Let me tell you now how to change formation. You get a formation skill when there are 4 maidens in your party. Formation is more effective when you accumulate EXP. There are different effects depending on formation skills, so be sure to check. However, there must always be 4 maidens in the party for formation skill to take effect.

Hint & Tips

1.You can exchange guild coins for various goods at the guild shop.
2. Use hack tools menu, and enter cheat code - give: meteor, limited recruitment, off ad, tokens, materials, SSR hero, growth pack, stamina, expert pack, resurrection, comet, gold, superior enhancement stone, EXP potion
3. Ether fragments are used for alliance research.
4. You can see the type of card if you look at the top of card. Cards are divided into 4 types: attack, recovery, buff, debuff. Even if you own many reset card tickets, you can only use them 3 times per stage, so only use them when necessary.
5. In view details, you can see the target's detailed stats, cards and effects. If you click on a card or icon, you can see detailed information, not only allies but also enemies. It's easy to win when we're already keeping track of the enemy's information, right?

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Shining Maiden Redeem code - premium gift box

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