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HOW & WHERE ENTER (tap >here<)!
Game story

This is your forge! From here you can go many places: go to the market to buy supplies; check your mail and for quests; view and maintain swords; head to the back to forge new swords. But, before we get into any of that. Let's talk about irritants. These pesky things that randomly may popup during your gaming experience.

Shinsakuto Hack Basics

To the left you may see these guys peeking around trying to steal your forging secrets. Nosy buggers! Just smack them with your hammer. Sometimes, the irritants just like to throw hammers and other things, just smack them as well. By smacking the irritants they will eventually flee for their lives and in doing so can sometimes leave behind rewards. Also, later on in the help settings you can disable the irritants all together or adjust how frequent they show up.

Hint & Tips

1. Now let's talk about the sign leading to the market. When you tap on this you will leave your forge and head towards the market. There you will find many items as well as hired help.
2. On the right bottom side of the screen you will see your mailbox. From there you can check your mail and you can see quests.
3. In the back right you shall see your forging area. When you tap on this you well head to where you start making swords of great value.
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5. On the back left wall you will find your sword rack. Here you shall find all your stored swords. If you tap on the rack you will see many options with your works of art. We will discuss more in detail later; but as a high level you can maintain, sharpen, appraise and much more.

6. Moving on to the center of the room you will find finishing table. When you tap on this table you will find options that allow you to decorate your sword with other various finishings such as a tsuka, saya, and tsuba.


Next, lets talk about leveling up and experience. In the upper left corner you should always see your level meter. The outside ring shows your next level. There are various ways that you'll gain experience throughout your forging experience. Forging swords and turning in quests will give you the majority of your experience. You need to know that if you tap on the level meter you will see more options for your forge such as general information, help settings, and item inventory.

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