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Ship It Trader Game use cheats
HOW & WHERE ENTER (tap >here<)!
Game story

Ahoy Boss! Glad you arrived to build your shipping empire. First things first, lets buy some brand new cargo ships! Tap on the ship icon, and voila! here is your first cargo ship! How wonderful! Now that we have a ship, lets check out where to get cargo from! Tap on the map icon. This is the world map. We cna see there is an island near you with resources.

Ship It Trader Game Hack Basics

Tap on the island to see the deal and send your ship. Ok, so you made your first deal and your ship went to pick up the resources. Lets go to your port and see if we can make a profit from this trade. Returned ships will dock and wait for you to sell the resources. Tap on the resource icon to bring up a trade menu. Your purchase summary - you'll get to decide to sell now or later for the most profitable deal. Making sure you buy low and sell high is the aim, so let's check out the market. First lets head back to the world map.

Hint & Tips

1. Other players have their own ports, and they produce a variety of resources. But in order to figure out the best deals you'll have to keep an eye on market prices. Tap on the market icon. The market is your best source of live price information. Once you select the resource, you can view the top producers. Then you can see the location on the world map.
2. Use hack tools menu, and enter cheat code - give: 999x resources, credits, unlock map, premium equipment, pet, skins, starter pack, level up, multiplayer mode, recipes
3. So that's how you buy and sell resource. But you can also produce resources and sell like the other islands. You have a free slot available, tap on the highlighted free slot. You have your first production building, lets set up another one. Tap on the highlighted free slot.
4. Now that you have set up your production buildings, lets get them making resources. Production menu - here you can select what to produce and the speed. There are bonuses for different rates of production. You'll be able to produce other resources, but each resource will require unique production buildings.
5. Headquaters office - here you can pay for more production slots buy upgrading it. Upgrade your headquaters office by tapping on the upgrade button. As you produce resources, you'll be able to collect them when they are ready. You can only produce one resource at a time.

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