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off ad - use hack TyihHeNco
artifact - QZ1PEpqIH
obelisk - 3dGYzRTtf
gold coins - UCwjmwHXl
weapon - NJNEd5IVA
items - Fi1uUyVJj
gems - Skomb3mYc
unlock characters - FrbF12S1q
shards - yxOVxMiCV
speed up - Bv3p1X4vn
fusion - zqI6Rn4Eq
crate - xw8LEsT9X
ability - S8Qf9vqWU

Shoot Zombies use cheats
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Game story

I lost most of my memories and my power because of Luna's curse. This is the only thing i can remember. How did i come to this? I'm sure i will get back my memories. Luckily, we survived and got held up here. But we need to find other animal wizards as soon as possible. it is time to leave. Let us find the fallen star. Chapter list: 1-1 Mondrian Grassland - defeat the wave of monsters and escape. 1-2 Somewhere in the forest - need more animal wizard to find the fallen sar. 1-3 Somewhere in the forest 2 - obtain more information about the fallen star by finding the archmage. 1-4 Crypt - get one step closer to the fallen star with help from the archmage.

Shoot Zombies Hack Basics trucos

Ability: meteor fall - summon a meteor on a random location. Execution - instantly kills an enemy by chance. Instant kill rate +1,5%. Resistance - damage received decreases (+10%). Out of Body - temporarily moves through objects and increases movement speed. Blizzard - creates a blizzard that freezes the enemy. Frozen enemies receive more damage. Mp refinement - mp gain increases (up +15%).
enter cheat (gift codes):
upgrade trucos - UUOZHlbRm
level up - ATfDBXOcX
daily pack - enter pass ThDdss3IZ
admin account - DPHJf7hXP
Month Card x1 - qkhnhtmyB
booster pack - 5Cu7P6qEP
Shield - creates a shield tat blocks 1 attack. Intelligence - basic damage increases (+10%). Thunder - thunder strikes surrounding enemies. Ricochet - bullets ricochet between enemies, the DMG from ricochet bullet is slightly reduced. Fistant killer- greatly increases survivor's DMG dealt to long range enemies.

Shoot Zombies Hint & Tips: how use cheats

1. Controls: move with the joystick. In battle, when the energy supplies are full, lift your finger to unleash your super ability. make sure to avoid enemies and their bullets.
2. Use hack tools menu, and enter cheat code - give: gems, off ad, artifact, obelisk, gold coins, weapon, unlock characters, shards, fusion, crate, ability
3. Characters: Johnson - johnson's shotgun is good for attacking multiple enemies. His super ability will fire a huge spray of bullets. Steve - buries landmines as he walks. When he uses his super ability, all undetonated mines will be transformed into flying mines.

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