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gems - use hack 04Z89db0s
daily pack - enter pass DHSbBhDkq
energy - GFcOtHDMh
auto clicker - ABrGfpNrC
booster pack - PdfQUM6Hv
gacha - XlxMP7RZ6
Month Card x1 - lurg6OVJQ
furniture - ajM8o63bN
daily gift bag x10 - GoHEC2cVa
gold - NcR9GV2dU
slots - 0KWUAMrXT
materials - XEVmWXUtc
upgrade - 8Lu6euS9z
level up - iL62b9Iu0
customers - Gg6lomooX
new locations - WrxHJFdNj
auction - hXRdRec00

Shop Heroes Legends use cheats
HOW & WHERE ENTER (tap >here<)!
Game story

Welcome to this reputable shop. It was built by your uncle before our epic adventure. This shop is a gift to you on your uncle's behalf - that's his will. He used to say you've got a great business mind all the time. Now, let me show you real quick how to run an shop like this. Watch and learn. Buy some furniture for equipment crafting first. The first furniture you need to buy is an iron Bin, it's for the production and storage of iron. After you buy a furniture, you can drag it to wherever you want, or buy other furniture in the edit mode. Different types of equipment require different kinds of workstations. Let's buy a weapon crafting station first.

Shop Heroes Legends Hack Basics

There are various types of workstation used for different equipment, remember to buy which you need. Let's use gems to recruit worker. I'll lend you some gems first, but remember to return them to me later. Drag worker to the worker slot so he can start working. The speed and quality of crafting will be affected by the workers' skill points, so we need to hire more workers and level them up by more crafting. The crafting process of each equipment will occupy a crafting slot. In order to craft more equipment at the same time, we need to unlock more slots. Using gems can skip the level limit and unlock the new slot directly. Tap on the bubble above the customer to start negotiating. That's all i can teach you for now. But in the future, you can only count on yourself. Believe in yourself, you'll become a legendary shopkeeper one day.

Hint & Tips

1. After watching the ad, you will be randomly awarded one of the reward types you.
2. Use hack tools menu, and enter cheat code - give: gold, gems, energy, gacha, furniture, slots, materials, customers, new locations, auction, auto clicker
3. A premium slot grants you an "auto craft" feature. You can put a bunch of crafting request in it, and it auto crafts the items in order even you're offline.

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Shop Heroes Legends Redeem code - premium gift box

1. z8CgmiL1A3ItaHZ
2. q9atloWePmG6Qrn
3. tk3eXJMaxsaRXAG
4. PZ6nVm8dLktWvto
5. CNH4UfnoMc46e2r
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