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gold - use hack 60t6lFqwX
daily pack - enter pass 135MoxSNH
resources - AwUFybMMg
supplies - tn1ySrpgO
booster pack - wNdD4Uhuu
recover hp - fuuVctk9x
Month Card x1 - Vdt3WpM7h
craft material - FsURZRO2V
daily gift bag x10 - QN7x59LmC
legendary weapon - wfgx44y6S
speed up - IBpRQQBZP
food - UYvKWDsb9
upgrade - 6TZilBjdA
level up - qgYhMsEFy
secret combinations - kOKicZqGa
Beginner Pack - 8ApBwisnT

Siege Survival use cheats
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Game story

We were just starting harvest, when the Ismirs stuck out of nowhere, catching us off guard. Horns of war sounded throughout Edring, and the smoke filled city streets ran red with the blood of its citizens. The savage warriors from Kargald had invaded our home. The town guard fought bravely, but the Ismirs were too many. Before long, the raiders were in the main square, and the city centre stood in flames. All we could do is send a messenger out to summon aid, while the outnumbered guards focused on protecting. In an act of selfless sacrifice, the guards gave their lives to aid the citizens. The survivors soon found shelter within the cold castle walls, safe from the slaughter - for the moment. Those who could, joined the castle crew to prepare the defence.

Siege Survival Hack Basics

The gate connecting it to the castle is damaged but you recall there's a secret passage leading to the city market. You could use it and look for some supplies under the cover of the night. Night was calm but the enemy attack can come any day, and we must prepare for it. We should take this chance to help the soldiers at the bastion. Herbal medicine - an herbal mixture that can curing diseases. Crafted at the Herbal workshop. Vegetables - not very nutritious, but it's still food. Can be found in the ruined city. The tired and wounded need proper rest - construct a bed in the keep. Build workbench - allows to create improvised tools, torches and arrows. Stump with sawhorse - allows to process logs into firewood and planks. Repair workshop - allows the repair of broken weapons and armours. Buther's table - necessary for the proper dismantling of the carcass and place where Fodder can be prepared. Stump with sawhorse - allows to process logs into firewood and planks.

Hint & Tips

1. Once you select a construction you want to build you can see its properties on the right. Once you confirm your selection with the button below, choose the construction site location within the castle walls.
2. Use hack tools menu, and enter cheat code - give: resources, supplies, speed up, secret combinations, Beginner Pack
3. Support the last soldiers standing against overwhelming enemy forces. Craft supplies and manage your resources during the day, and scavenge through the fallen city during the night.

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