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chrism points - use 7ErsMUFTO
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brew ale - 1sG0XuRr7
hire warriors - OJLewkzsc
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off ad - NJv04UNUk
admin panel - ZPr2mOjTy
elder's advice - ZDszzpycl
recruit x10 - use tnX4iGoJw
legendary heroes - FD3xWEvd9
resources - c5S48pTi6

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Game story

Characters: Norseman - i grew up in a small village up north. My mother and father, both warriors and farmers, taught me and my older brother everything about life. I learned to hurt, build ships and fight.
Scholar - i came to the North with my teacher. I could not help but fall in love with beautiful valleys, vast seas, the beautiful countryside and passionate people. After the death of my teacher, a local family took me in and raised me as their own kin.
Hunter - i lost my family when i was young. My last memory of my father is him teaching me archery moments. Looking back, i realize that my bravery was the reason. I was taken North rather than joining him in the afterlife.

Simure Viking Saga Hack Basics trucos

Mother's intimacy determines the intelligence of her child, which would also affect child's development. The more chrism points you lover has, the more experience you can get when you date with her. By spending your spouse' exp to improve their skills, you can improve the attributes of related warriors.

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upgrade trucos - a8exrm7zS
level up - lNhqLSsfW
daily pack - enter pass HzsqT2gle
admin account - BH1RC0dmt
Month Card x1 - 66SAw9J2O
booster pack - FKaGcGJl4
evolve - jJayoywBr
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My Jarl, silver and fortune are crucial to the development of your clan. How about a cup of honey wine! Remember, only producing enough honey wine as the troops' food, your clan could prosper safely! The news that you started your reign over this clan has summoned me to come here. You need help in recruiting more soldiers for your command. You need to spend some golden coins to learn battle tactics an other skills. You will see a much better fighter after the training. Strength - a basic viking power attribute that affect warriors lost in stages, faith in force affects the increase of attributes.

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1. Take reign with the one you love. Create your legacy. Recruit legendary heroes. Unearth historical treasures. Become an epic viking king.
2. Use hack tools menu, and enter cheat code - give: chrism points, gold, silver, brew ale, hire warriors, speed up, elder's advice, recruit x10, legendary heroes, resources
3. At the same time, your warriors could conquer the whole Europe for you. Moreover, you can also view original Viking natural scenes, taste traditional Viking foods, and experience famous.

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