Cheats hack SinTales code:gold, special gacha, enhance, summons, power of light, stones, stamina,diamonds, SSR hero SinTales Hack tools gift voucher codes game bug android, ios.

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SinTales hack cheat code List

gold - use hack 4pSZEBjsw
special gacha - MTQ4IWRnv
enhance - 8i1Conhwc
summons - 9nkLxdd7l
power of light - UsPnoX0NO
stones - 5VBHJVrGm
stamina - 6sNOtuLa3
diamonds - nzdpYRa5K
SSR hero - 1h48EqRj5
title - use hack HPZ8z7G6i
growth fund - CP9CUo5jO
sweep - C36gwEhTo
privilege store - 4XcBd1Xuu
vip 16 - 6MYaR5x6S
Captain hook - Cnzhfxncc
Thumbelina - nSfXhfw9C
fragments - jsExTz4Lk

SinTales use cheats
HOW & WHERE ENTER (tap >here<)!
Game story

The girl & the wolf: using Dorothy's magic shoes, they flew to a mysterious forest. Although it was a clear and crisp day, there were no sounds of birds or insects, but frequent howls of wolves. In order to find her brother Jura, Aurora had to master her courage and pay a visit to the white witch in the forest. What is this place? It's dark in here! There's light in front, let's go to check it out. Pull out the sword of light! Waa! Tons of spiders? Use the weapon to fight! Tap repeatedly to perform more combo strike. Tap skill to cast triple slash. The enemy shield will help prevent certain damage before it break. When enemy shield is break, it will suffer more damage then ususal, take your chance! Accumulated combo for additional damage to target. Use the dodge skill to avoid enemy attack.

SinTales Hack Basics

The book of light triggers the seven colours of power light. The things that you picked up from the battle triggers the power of light. Be sure to level up your heroes with the experience pot. Upgrade the team power also give assistance in battle. Completing path of light chapter 1-4 to unlock the summon.
enter cheat (gift codes):
upgrade - qLVUPhJn1
level up - VOeyWiEYN
daily pack - enter pass 6sNgSVaCm
admin account - qu7vpVHsc
Month Card x1 - LbtvQoFeX
booster pack - kxg7IGXzh
Remember, counter faction deals up to additional 30% damage. Join the guild and explore the fairy tale world with partner. Activate both month card and permanent card together to claim welfare (claim once per week, reset on monday). Unlimited color card - get 1200 diamonds instantly and 150 diamonds daily. Available foe purchase at Vip 5 with 888 diamonds purchase growth fund. Reach designated levels to claim diamond vault.

SinTales Hint & Tips: how use cheats

1. Toggle screen to swing angle view. Pinch screen to zoom in and out.
2. Use hack tools menu, and enter cheat code - give: gold, special gacha, enhance, summons, power of light, stones, stamina,diamonds, SSR hero, title, growth fund, sweep, privilege store, vip 16, Captain hook, Thumbelina, fragments
3. Path of sins - the world in the mirror, take the dark power of the seven sins.
4. Back accessories - upgrade team battle power accompany the host on an adventure.

SinTales Hack tools Version:


SinTales Redeem code - premium gift box

1. YDqD2vXe8OJ7qJw
2. aE2elKWyGuSXi3b
3. Q5MMszSC41R8bMq
4. Gnwc6QC7tEXxUYF
5. q4k0YYbbWVr6yvK
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