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Game story

Listen closely, our enemy, Lord Arctik, has a transportal fix on me, so i have only moments to talk. We're on an airship in the New York Domain on Earth-7. It's a version of your own Earth, so you'll probably recognize its terrain and landmarks. We've been invaded from another world - Warfactory! Lord Arctik is attacking us with an army of robots. Our airships, crewed by hero teams, are fighting back. You're running this airship now. I'll help out if you need some pointers. Tap the quest objective to begin autopilot. Tap the battle symbol over the warfactory airship.

SkyPunk Heroes of Earth-7 Hack Basics

In battle your heroes are placed in the front line or back line. Frontlines protect backliners from attacks. Warrior is tougher and should be in front so archer can shoot from behind him. When a character attacks, their side gains action points. Hero skills cost action points. When your team earns enough action points, their skills light up. When you use a skill, it cna be used again, but at triple the base AP cost. THe higher cost, shown in red, slowly decreases back to normal.

Hint & Tips

1. Tap your boost control button to spend fuel for extra speed.
2. Your next quest target is always shown on the sky compass at the top of your airship view.
3. Help an aliance to increase your title nad tribute. Explore the real world; immersive story campaign; assemble your hero team; use superior strategy.
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You got enough hero shards to add a new hero! Let's summon Blaze Burnham to the team, and level everybody up while we're at it. Veteran - shown by the gold star, can equip an extra skill and a force ring. Every hero and enemy is attuned to an alchemic aspect called a force. Every force gains extra action points against one other force. Lava melts dust, dust chokes storm, storm disperses steam, and steam saps lava. Cold is different: cold foes are strong against each other. Let's rearrange the team. We'll match strong heroes against weak foes and have weak heroes avoid strong foes.

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