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Slash of Sword R.J. hack cheat code List

coins - use hack TZBwRiUY7
daily pack - enter pass RfRN8bHe1
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booster pack - TXMfpGDqC
legendary weapon, - PUn7mtJm9
Month Card x1 - atWTqo1DQ
upgrade - XkG4JNMrL
daily gift bag x10 - ANh7iXM0P
secret combination code - Ww68moZtD
unlimited stamina - juJLs8HnW
restore health - AYbIMLRkI
artifact - a65ZmYKb1
increase stats - MmpNpmdNI
premium equipment - Lf1gJ93zZ
gems - TgAne85X3

Slash of Sword R.J. use cheats
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Game story

You are caught in the act. In accordance with the law with the city of Firestune, you are charged with murder. You will serve your punishment in the arena, fighting against other lawbreakers. You're no position to argue. Search him and confiscate all the weapons. You know the tules. You'll meet Wigmar at the arean, he'll have an order. Follow the arrow to reach the arena in Firestune and sign up for the list of participants. You don't have a weapon. Go get a wooden sword at the counter.

Slash of Sword R.J. Hack Basics

Battle advice: don't forget to use the block. Keep the button pressed so the opponent won't get through. Use "jump" button to dodge or to make large jump. Your health and stamina are recovered by 10 percent every hour of real time. Remember that normal enemies are the least dangerous than skilled ones, proffies, or especially bosses. During a fight with several opponents, it is best to get rid of the easiest enemies first. If the screen turns blue, it means you have low power. At times like this, you shouldn't attack your enemies because you're very defenseless. The shield may improve your health, but you'll lose some stamina. Use the jump button towards the enemy to kick him.

Hint & Tips

1. You can make special food or potions using cooking at the stake.
2. Use hack tools menu, and enter cheat code - give: coins, potions, skill points, legendary weapon, unlimited stamina, restore health, artifact, increase stats, premium equipment, gems.
3. Depending on the time of day, different events can happen to you.
4. You can cut the hair and the beard at the barber. Also you can change the hair color.

Slash of Sword R.J. Hack tools Version:


Slash of Sword R.J. Redeem code - premium gift box

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