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diamonds - use cgzcdEAew
off ads - UK1wuYkg2
secret combination - 4ZMIodxYm
vip - xaXgc9d90
double rewards - e2V8kWpLa
super bundle - TKxssTqxw
multiplayer mode - qg3UcLTrN
gift box - lXQjocOeP
Sliding Seas hack starter package - OkG2V4B2d
admin panel - 6IdRLCudY
premium pack - h7EnwKy1f
speed up - enter WLo8Ne9qG
skins - 0wIBpaBrO
pets - use 1JhrqZQ5u
booster crate - w5FIkuYIX
starter pack - tpgISvSUH
auto merge - enter V5tMoqjy5

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Sliding Seas Game story

There has been a shipwreck and the Survivors are in the water! They need to get to dry land! Let me show you how to create land before they arrive. Swap tiles to match 3 in a row. Each match joins the tiles together to create a higher tile. Keep matching until you create an island! Look! A Survivor has appeared! Get them to land by matching the tiles they are on! Great job! The Survivor is safe! Oh no! A new Survivor is in trouble! You can create a Raft by matching 4 or more water tiles. Great work! But Survivor also need Shelter! You can create a Shelter by matching 4 or more land tiles. Get 3 Survivors to Shelter to win this level! Lose a Survivor and it's game over! Good luck!

Sliding Seas Hack Basics trucos

Welcome to your island! Survivors you rescue will be safely returned here to build a new home for themselves! Your island will continue to grow as more Survivors arrive! But no time for rest...There are more Survivors out there waiting to be rescued! You have seen that matching 4 tiles creates Rafts or Shelters. But there is another way to create Shelter. Survivors will create Shelter automatically if they reach the highest level. Try it now! Your island has grown and the people have elected you Mayor! They want to build you a house!

enter gift pass:
upgrade trucos - dcpZM1Y0d
level up code - xkz8TYOm0
daily pack Sliding Seas cheat - enter pass RHidDTIB1
admin account - pCD8KneBW
Month Card x1 - BYgy6jRLW
booster pack - dQAI2v5AP
evolve - 9WDMJrlgf
enhance - F92uANxad
A Survivors is calling for help! When Survivors in the water call for help, you have 12 turns to get them to land or a raft. Run out of time and it's game over! A Crate has appeared! Make matches next to the Crate to break it open. You found Diamonds! Diamonds can be used to buy lives and special abilities! Be sure to collect them whenever you can! Make matches next to the crate to break it open.

Sliding Seas Hint & Tips: how use cheats

1. Sliding Seas is free to play, though some in-game items can be purchased for real money. If you don't want to use this option, simply turn it off in your device settings.
2. Use hack tools menu, and enter Sliding Seas cheat code - give: resources, speed up, food, stone, wood, advanced search, vip, exploration, research, premium troop, legendary hero, shards, parts, immigration order, daily pack, gem pass, off ads, admin panel, starter pack, offline reward
3. Be the mayor of your own tropical world! Pick cute buildings to decorate your island and hang out with cool VIP characters that you collect. Sliding Seas is the cutest and most relaxing match-3 puzzle game on mobile!

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Sliding Seas Redeem code - premium gift box 01.09.2021

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