Cheats hack Smash Cats code:off ad, diamond, essence, artifact, wish, recharge pack, vip, honor, premium ticket Smash Cats Hack tools gift voucher codes game bug android, ios.

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Smash Cats hack cheat code List

summons x10 - use hack MuGDy4Duo
daily pack - enter pass 9ZhunTFfA
off ad - hzLbWt63I
materials - 4uNEWyiD1
booster pack - i5PDcjKzs
diamond - rIqxB3a1j
Month Card x1 - YGJJF0vn4
advancing stone - 7FH23ewlv
daily gift bag x10 - UZ2hDODQD
essence - KuZtvU9aJ
energy drug - FKxSeaPp0
upgrade - DW5RlWWAp
level up - FGTLVHJSF
artifact - xGnZOsDVz
wish - N7sd8vUj0
gold - GqQhYMRPT
recharge pack - fRBV04k6x
golden pack - x3uk26LZO
vip - m767o3h1V
honor - szXm8gpId
premium ticket - IinpvYZAv

Smash Cats use cheats
HOW & WHERE ENTER (tap >here<)!
Game story

Welcome to Miaow Marbles. Now let's start the battle. Click the crossbow to send the characters. SLide on the screen to change the direction of the crossbow. Aunt gongsun's skills is ready. Tap to release it. Recruitment system is unlocked. Now, go to recruite new characters to join our team. Let's start with a ten-recruitment and see how lucky you are. So many new characters! Let them join the team and fight together. Tap the new units to join the team. Complete the level to unlock the next position, work hard to beat more levels. You can select a hero from the list below for lineup replacement. Let's go to the battle to see the power of the new heroes.

Smash Cats Hack Basics

When the character is in the air, you can tap the blank to charge forward against the nearest enemy. Whether you are online or not, the battle rewards will constantly accumulate. Let's up grade the captain character - tap to enter the hero interface. Level up can increase the character's attributes a lot. Battle towards the boss - deal damages to the boss will activate the boss's weakness state. Try to fill the progress bar. Support characters don't take part in combat directly, but they give a powerful start and passive skill boost to the main character.

Hint & Tips

1. Reinforcement can increase the equipment stars. After reaching 50star, the equipment grade will be enhanced. Reinforced weapon can be reset and all the consumable material will be returned. Please feel free to reinforce the equipment.
2. Use hack tools menu, and enter cheat code - give: summons x10, off ad, materials, diamond, advancing stone, essence, energy drug, artifact, wish, recharge pack, vip, golden pack, honor, premium ticketbr />3. Get 1 point of honor by watching video AD 1 time or consuming 1 premium ticket. Get 10 points of honor for every 1$ of recharging. Tap the perks icon to view the perks contents and rewards.

Smash Cats Hack tools Version:


Smash Cats Redeem code - premium gift box

1. kyxRDhBlVATfTD8
2. 0K7x7am3joPQDNO
3. ZJRhUnesP30QnR0
4. PZc2ZXq0sGFBjVU
5. 3RsfUxnbK19p5kM
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