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SMASH LEGENDS hack cheat code List

starter pack - use hack Q4BXiJyoU
medals - F9ILTfPyK
box - 9RopsjZSD
off ads - Q30o9xjfu
unlock legends - HqUr9agL6
fashion - cn922pmAP
ability - KTmb2UspU
shield - 5iLwAMFVN
invincible - jhQxYbQAs
double privilege - rE7rtGit6
admin panel - kB0vgSDla
keys - xwN1EYX0n
secret combination - iwrJBwnal
instant revive - PRca7eYcH
100% dodge - fsZSuKxc8
gems - W4Lxj77uu
gold - zALGT62hl

SMASH LEGENDS use cheats
HOW & WHERE ENTER (tap >here<)!
Game story

Welcome! I've been waiting! First, let's try to move by dragging the joy pad with left thumb. Let's try to go up now! Tap the jump button with your right thumb to climb to a higher ground. Let's move to the dominion point. You have succeeded in capturing! When the dominion point turns blue, that means it's ours. Tap the basic attack button to attack enemy! Tap the skill button to attack foes harder. Skill automatically charges after time. Tap the ultimate button to smash enemy. All right, you beat the enemy. Go to the dominion point and recover the area. Alright, i look forward to our adventures together. Let's become a legend together.

SMASH LEGENDS Hack Basics trucos

Characters: Cindy - a cheerful delivery girl wearing a pair of shoes called " glass slippers". Sh is trying her best to return to her sweet stepmother and nice stepsister in her original story, with the magical shows that was gifted to her by a kind witch.
Kaiser - a naked giant with a steel body. He owns "Kaiser gym" in Synop city, which is named after himself. And as an advocate of muscles, he eagerly spreads the value of exercise and muscles to everyone.
Red - a mischievous girl who carries large magic scissors. She purposefully wears a bright red hat in order to show off her ability to hide between spaces.
Hook - this pirate captain was turned into a cyborg after surviving a terrible accident. Although she is a notorious outlaw in the sea of clouds as she plunders even from the worst villains, she has a strict policy of never hurting the weak.
enter cheat (gift codes):
upgrade trucos - PVKLjYZCF
level up - ZDyhLWc9s
daily pack - enter pass Byt8QMoSv
admin account - 71typAJBC
Month Card x1 - SQSGK4V4O
booster pack - Erfr7ICbW
evolve - c79ZGSnJM
enhance - iqZQNClHM
SMASH LEGENDS: Alice - a young girl who has decided to become a scientist in an effort to explain the strange things that occurred in Wonderland. She is always researching new items with her robot assistant Bunny. But sometimes, her excessive passion and curiousity causes a commotion.
Master cat - a feline swordsman with a fearless and a quickly personality. In the past, he helped turn a poor young man into the lord of an extravagant castle to repay for a pair of boost that was given to him by the young man, but disappeared shortly after. He has a lot of secrets that he only keeps to himself.
Ravi - an eccentric young man who loves the pure aspect of fighting and does not show interest in anything else. His sister and him became the Sun and the moon, and went missing after inheriting the power of the moon. But when the news of smash legends began spreading, he made a sudden comeback.

SMASH LEGENDS Hint & Tips: how use cheats

1. Did you know? The hooked sword - the original owner of Peter's hooked sword was Hook. The crew aboard Hook's ship are defective robots who were attracted by Hook's pirate adventures.
2. Use hack tools menu, and enter cheat code - give: medals, box, unlock legends, fashion, ability, keys, instant revive, invincible, shield, 100% dodge, demonic form, gems, gold
3. Capture the dominion point by securing the point without allowing foes to step it to the point. After dominating the point, you can earn victory points.

SMASH LEGENDS Hack tools Version:


SMASH LEGENDS Redeem code - premium gift box

1. Ht9ystaMQxycfnH
2. PBIoo2kY1TMoLqu
3. ultAfvHJlBkSleh
4. HOweuPbUC2yNT5J
5. y6GtCGz5Q4jjRiJ
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