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SNK FORCE Game story

Come on, all together now, fight like your lives depend on it stupid insects, let me enjoy myself! This punk...Who cares where you came from! All of you can crawl back to where you came from! It looks like you're trapped, Kyo Kusanagi. Since you came, don't even think about escaping. The person you're looking for is right here, Kyo Kusanagi, but don't even think of trying to save her because you're going to die today! The virtual system already has this place on lockdown, not even remorse or trying to escape can help you now... I've been vaiting for you, waiting to sent down the road to death!

SNK FORCE Hack Basics trucos

Tap the challenge button. Tap your avatar to deploy fighters. Get do it! Defeat the fighter clones made by NESTS! Attacking or getting attacked increases Fury. When Fury is full, Unique Skill can be released. You've defeated all the fighter clones, tap Tasks to claim your rewards. There are generous rewards in Milestones that can be claimed as well. Tap to claim rewards. Right now we should head out and continue looking for Yuki. Tap the challenge button. Let's deploy the new fighter. Kyo Kusanagi's Active skill attacks a column of enemies, so place him in the column with the most enemies! Tap the attack button.

enter cheat (SNK FORCE gift codes):
upgrade trucos - eY9d2OI81
level up - eWmtwUZP3
daily pack - enter pass HnDDfOrM5
admin account - baSq70jFr
Month Card x1 - RiXPUSqbf
booster pack - WZqCl4Msu
evolve - FziD26bAS
enhance - 480EQO5EH
The fighter lones have been eliminated, we can go to the block now. Recruit the fighter to do battle with you. Tap the "Recruit X 1" button. You've obtained an Legendary fighter, let's see who you got. Tap here to open Wishlist During Recruit, you can add fighters you desire to the Wishlist, fighters in the Wishlist have a recruitment probability. Don't forget to deploy your new fighter!

SNK FORCE Hint & Tips: how use cheats

1. Click the hall of fame button. Select the combination of fetters to view the details. Activate to improve the attributes of all fighters. Activate all fighters in the combo to increase the initiative!
2. Use hack tools menu, and enter SNK FORCE cheat code - give: instant drills, resource, dollars, friendship points, advance recruit x10, diamonds, promote, legendary fighters, increase attack speed, evolve, stamina energy.
3. Every level checkpoint you pass gives you special rewards. This time, you unlocked a passive skill slot. Open the character window and i'll show you how to manage your skills. Some skills are locked and require a specific character level to unlock.
4. Active skills can be improved by spending skill points into the mastery tree. Try to assign a new skill by dragging it to a free slot. You can experiment with different skills to see what works best for you. If you need more skill slots you can unlock them using password.
5. Fighter sect countering order: extreme martialist> hidden assassin> lineage inheritor> element controller> extreme martialist.
When recruiting legendary fighters, there will be a higher chance of getting those on the wishlist (the chance of claiming of legendary fighter doesn't change).

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SNK FORCE Redeem code - premium gift box 29.06.2021

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