Cheats hack Soccer Stars Evolution 2021 code:master scout, euros, recruit, training, gems, formation, coach, title, shards Soccer Stars Evolution 2021 Hack tools gift voucher codes game bug android, ios.

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Soccer Stars Evolution 2021 hack cheat code List

SSR player - use hack qJxYdNEoa
daily pack - enter pass D5v0kc4RR
master scout - 9KPlk6hcV
euros - YUSFivPSJ
booster pack - Q4JdXLici
recruit pts - 1xSQezeOk
Month Card x1 - DiJ2COIyX
skip card - HbsAlSysJ
daily gift bag x10 - UTto01K3y
training book - ovl8cwt6S
gems - vNebjIetR
upgrade - LNcAlYYPe
level up - uvJlyTkkW
secret trophy - nlH50yBiy
formation - r1hbqFlpR
coach star up proof - FJn6YlGnU
title great glory - PXLomrWAG
shards - AF4zWXtzL
girl rank cert - KjsVuDMlD
vip 15 privilege - nRLFvWDCK

Soccer Stars Evolution 2021 use cheats
HOW & WHERE ENTER (tap >here<)!
Game story

The above score board shows both sides' score, match time and BP. Matching players' skills will affect the results of the match. Skills and events triggered by the players are showned here. Matching pf players' skills will greatly affect the match. If you don't want to watch the match, tap on skip button to immediately end this match and save some time. 4 kind of qualities for players N, R,SR, SSR. THe best for our team is to recruit high quality players and improve them. All the players you draw are in the bag and waiting for you to sign master scout's draw can be purchased in the shop. Tap on a player card to check their details. You can sign or recycle them from your bag at any time. You need to 'sign' the players card at backpack to add them in formation. After changing formation, you need to tap on 'save' for the formation to become effective.

Soccer Stars Evolution 2021 Hack Basics

Pick best tactics to counter on opponent can greatly increase the win rate. Both challenging stages and auto battle in tour will obtain training Pts which cna be used to upgrade players' capabilities. Upgrades can increase all of your player's stats. Star up can greatly increase stat growth and unlock skills. Rank game - defeat higher ranked teams to climb in rank. Higher rank can gain more rewards everyday! Each time your team reaches a new historical highest rank, you can earn lots of gems as rewards. This is the challenge area. If you lose, there will be 15 min CD, try again after strengthen yourself. Regardless if you win or lose, you'll obtain points from each match for you to claim points rewards.

Hint & Tips

1. When your tactics are being countered, the amount of BP points will be decreased according to the tactics level.
2. Use hack tools menu, and enter cheat code - give: SSR player, master scout, euros, recruit pts, skip card, training book, gems, secret trophy, formation, coach star up proof, title great glory, shards, girl rank cert, vip 15 privilege
3. YOu should choose the formation according to the players in your club (all formations have the same level). 5-4-1 - with powerful defenders and midfielders to block opponent's attack, this formation has strong defense but weak attack. 4-5-1 - one of the most popular formation recently because it can derive many other types of possibilities with midfielder and defense more powerful. 3-6-1 - with the most powerful organizing ability, the team can quickly switch between attacking and defending with high passing and possessing efficiency. Upgrading formation increase stats bonus. You can obtain formation training book in matches and task rewards.

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Soccer Stars Evolution 2021 Redeem code - premium gift box

1. Yl30R77QXHHbGSN
2. ykhntLXpMO4w3XS
3. LJfEQTdkGNr8lah
4. ckHCwnAPhK4L8Wy
5. a1PgAg6WZ7ARAaP
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