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Solitairica use cheats
HOW & WHERE ENTER (tap >here<)!
Game story

Oh goodie! Another champion has come! We need your help to save the land of Myriodd! How you say? By defeating the armies of stuck. If you are to have any chance you must master the game. How will you do that? Don't worry...I am the great and powerful Kismet! I will teach you everything you must know. FIrst, let me show you the basics. How to clear cards. TO remove them, follow number sequences starting with your own card. Tap to remove cards that are one more or one less than the number on your card. Careful, you cna get stuck! When you need a new card, tap your deck to draw one. If you are to defeat the armies of Stuck, you must train by battling dangerous foes. But first, let's practice on something a little, not so dangerous.

Solitairica Hack Basics

We do not use the art of Solitaire simply for the fun of clearing away cards, no. Solitaire is a weapon. When you clear the cards, you defeat your enemy. As you will see in a moment, your enemy can fight back. Every time you turn a card, your enemy gets a turn of his own. The Dirt Guppy is mostly harmless. He will nibble you a bit. Observe... Your enemies do not use the art of Solitaire. They wield the horrible power of stuck. They will make it harded to clear the cards and try to break your heart. Clobber this pip-squeak before your heart reaches zero! That was fun, but there is more than one way to clobber a dirt guppy. Next, i will teach you about card energy. Notice the cards are now colorful and have a magical glyph. In Solitairica, the cards are vessels of great and powerful energies. In this battle, we will use attack energy, which is orange and symbolized by the axe. Every card you draw or remove will grant you energy, which is stored in the bottom right corner. That sword icon that just appeared is a spell called stab. As you can see, it costs three attack energy to use. Use spells often, as they will make the difference between victory and defeat. This spell lets you destroy any front card, no matter the number.

Hint & Tips

1. Warrior - classic martial combat. Combine weapon strikes with strong defense, and fight the armies of stuck head on.
2. Use hack tools menu, and enter cheat code - give: spells, items, traits, slots, shield, exclusive deck, coins, bounty, celestial hourglass
3. Monk - the art of the fist. Slow the enemy down to a crawl, and clear the board swiftly using powerful wild cards.

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