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Soul Land Reloaded Game story

I'm curious how powerful this Shrek Academy is. Granmaster recommended it, after all. I'm looking forward to finding out. Let's go. Begin your adventure towards Shrek Academy. Under the Grandmaster's careful guidance, Tang San and Xiao Wu headed to enroll at Shrek Academy. But according to rumors, the academy's entry requirements were extremely strict and they only take in so-called monsters. This was where the story begins. There are so many Soul Beasts on the way. Prepare to battle! Select Soul Masters to join the battle. Xiao Wu is already itching for a foght! We are heading to Shrek Academy today. Xiao Wu, we cannot be delayed by these Soul Beast!

Soul Land Reloaded Hack Basics trucos

This Datura Snake is almost four meters long, which means it has close to 400 years of cultivation! Drag your Soul Master away from the Datura Snake's position pool! Use Torrential Pear Blossom Needle to deal heavy damage on Soul Beasts. The Bluesilver Grass is not a useless Martial Soul! The Datura Snake has dropped breakthrough materials. Go and try Equipment Breakthrough now. Fusion-Human Meteor Hammer - Soul skill effect enhanced by 10%; additional lifesteal effect. Click to start equipment breakthrough. After the breakthrough, Xiao Wu feels that her fists are more powerful!

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Xiao Wu's Soul Skill is most suited to deal with hordes of enemies. There hasn't been anyone in this Soul Beast Hunting Forest who can pierce through this Charred Bamboo's defense! A Soul Master's soulforce can be tested in the Soul Hall. Soul Skill "Torrential Pear Blossom Needle" is good at unit crit! USe Tang San's Soul Skill to slay 100-Year-Old Burning Charred Bamboo. The Bluesilver Grass is not a useless Martial Soul! Drag Soul Masters to evade the jump attacks. Release Soul Skills to quickly take him down! Kill enemies with high attack first.

Soul Land Reloaded Hint & Tips: how use cheats

1. After all four pieces of equipment have experienced a breakthrough, Xiao Wu herself can also undergo Soul Master Breakthrough. Click to start Soul Master breakthrough. After the Soul Master Breakthrough, Xiao Wu's second Soul Skill "Teleport" has been activated. Go and try it out now!
2. Use hack tools menu, and enter Soul Land Reloaded cheat code - give: cultivate, gold coins, diamonds, breakthrough, vip 14, stamina, regenerate, token, golden key, exclusive pack, master shard, A+ hero (legendary), avatar, premium summon 10x, summoning points, off ads, admin panel, starter pack, offline reward
3. White Soulforce Orb - A required material to break through the equipment of physical attack type and defense type Soul Masters to Blue+1
4. Breackthrough note - If you wish for equipment to break through to Blue+0 please have Soul Master break through to Young Tang San 1.
5.Rewards can be claimed for the first 7 days of server launch. Surprises are waiting for you every day!

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