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Soul Maskers use cheats
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Game story

Have you seen a girl named Arin? She's disappeared. It's fine if you haven't. We should get rid of these demons first. Follow me. use the control keys to move towards me. I see demons. Don't worry through, I'll teach you how to fend them off. Go ahead and tap the attack button. There are too many demons. Here's an effective tip to fend them off. Try swiping down the attack button. You can extend the scythe and drag the enemy towards your direction. It's useful when gathering up the scattered monsters. Swipe up the attack button, this will launch the enemy.

Soul Maskers Hack Basics

You can use various tactics to deal multiple damage on the airborne enemy. If you're unable to avoid the attack tap the dash button to evade. You can evade towards the desired direction. Use the wide-range skill to fend off the demons. Skill may be powerful, but the cooldown lasts longer then others. Use them wisely. You will need a better equipment. Why don't you try the equipment i gave you? You can find them in the inventory. Tap auto equip, your best items will be equipped. Always be on the lookout for demons. Remember, you can earn equipment by defeating enemies.

Hint & Tips

1. If you're not used to the control keys, try the auto play.
2. Be aware, demons are getting stronger, you'll need to strengthen yourself.
3. A mask can be formed using the soulstones. Your appearance and abilities will change when wearing a mask. Mask ability is applied only when you put on the mask. Bonus option is applied when you match with equipment set. Each mask contains a unique power. It'll enhance your abilities. You should collect as many souls as you can.
4. Use cheat code, and give: cash, gold, magic worms, unlock locations, recipes, ingredients, platinum box, premium pack, pet, furniture
5. Acquire topaz at the arena! The higher your arena rank is, the more topaz you can receive.
6. You will need an essence to enhance your skills. Essences are often found during the legion battle. legion battle can only be found through investigate.

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