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Space Conflict use cheats
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Game story

Welcome cadet to the space academy! In order to participate in battles you must complete this basic battle and driving course. To change the direction of the spaceship use your left hand to move the cursor to the desired location. Ship health is displayed on the left of the green screen and speed is displayed on the right of the blue screen. To increase the speed of the spaceship slide your finger. To attack a target the enemy must be in your attack range, when it is, the ship will scan the enemy automatically, it will attack the selected target and the screen will show the percentage of accuracy it will have when attacking. The spacecraft has a maximum shooting capacity, when it reaches 0 bullets the ship will begin to reload the weapons, to manually reload select the marked area.

Space Conflict Hack Basics

THe maximum power of the ship is charged over time, when it reaches 100% of its capacity it will allow you to launch the special attack. THe ship has a defense system that helps you survive the attacks of the enemy. The spacecraft also has a subsystem that will give you a momentary benefit. Modes: team battles: intense team battle, shoot down your enemies and take control of the space, the team that destroys the most ships will be the winner. Destroy the enemy base - destroy the enemy base and kill all their forces. Retrieve the information - find the ship carrying the stolen plans and destroy it. All again all (deathmatch) - fight to the death, destroy all the enemies that cross your path.

Hint & Tips

1. By purchasing premium access, you will get 100% more experience and coins per battle and the possibility of receiving Azuritas. Ads will be disabled for new battles, objectives, and prizes. The premium access begins to apply once the purchase has been made and will be deactivated when the days purchased have passed since its activation.
2. Use hack tools menu, and enter cheat code - give: coins, azuritas, premium, legendary ships, artifact, epic improvement, special weapons, shield, unlimited ammo
3. Coins is the interplanetary commercial currency, it is obtained as a reward for participating in battles, with it you can buy and improve spaceships.
4. Azuritas are precious crystal that are very rare to find, with them you can buy legendary ships with special weapons and a higher level of improvement, you can also buy coins and premium access to battles.

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