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Game story

Your eyes are not deceiving you, human. Those are live explosives connected to state of the art laser triggers. This is a stress test as much as an agility test. Crouch beneath the laser beams and tread carefully. Tap anywhere to toggle sneak mode. Oh no! There is a hostile ahead. Take him out silently. Stealth takedowns can only be done when sneaking. Get up close to your target from behind. Taking damage while doing a takedown will interrupt the action. Before you proceed, verify weapon functionality by firing at barrels. Drag your finger on the right side to aim.

Space Marshals 3 Hack Basics

Boss takedowns can be done when the boss is fatigued. Fighting them down to low health will do this. Be sure not to give them time to recover. They won't be fatigued forever. Reach the space marshal outpost at Lone Doe and use the S.I.C.K (secure interstellar communication kit) to request backup from HQ. The outpost is overrun by common things and bandits. Reach the security office and enable the marshal defense system. I have marked especially vile criminals with skull icons. Take these ones out for a perfect grade.

Hint & Tips

1. Denser vegetation can offer a cunning marshal the opportunity of concealment. However, most vegetation is not bullet proof.
2. Use cheat code, and give: Bazaar coins, unlock chapter, premium weapon, invincible, restore health, multiplayer campaign, arena 5x5, starter pack, increase damage.
3. Allies that reach zero health are incapacitated. A good hero always revives his allies. Taking damage while reviving someone will interrupt the action.
4. Critical hits do 50% more damage. Carefully aimed critical hit more often. Burton's specialist training makes him immune to critical hits. He has no soft spots.
5. In stealth mode you can hide behind covers and move more silently. Taking cover is a good way to stay healthy and live long.

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