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Spell Defense Game story

My Lord, a mysterious Portal has opened in the sky! Look! The islands fly out of it! I feel magic from another world! We have to send scout team to the one of the islands and find out what's going on! I have gathered the best Heroes for this mission. They can defeat any enemy! The way forward is blocked. We need to clear the passage, destroy these stones. Tap and drag left and right to aim. Release to shoot. Hold to save your aim. Oh no, this is skeletons! My lord, they attack in a straight line, it loooks like this is a invasion! Let's use Ultimate Skill of the Hero to crush them! This is information about the hero's ultimate skill. Tap again to activate skill!

Spell Defense Hack Basics trucos

Deals 15 hero damage, to 4 random enemies. Finish off the remaining skeletons! Jumps to 8 random targets, dealing 7 hero damage. Can hit the same enemy multiple times. Creates a fireball that deals 7 hero damage to the selected target and all enemies around this target. Tap on the field to select target. This is an invasion, you need to go further into the center of the island and find out who is in charge. Collect mana Orb to activate Ultimate Skill Heroes.

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upgrade trucos - N8MSsilrt
level up code - YHuvReveR
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Month Card x1 - EkrFhM1u9
booster pack - BvxbV0n9J
evolve - uFm9yK1c0
enhance - WxYbwmaeK
At the last moment I have created a teleport. It looks like we are on the one of the islands which appeared from the portal. Do you hear? Here is a battle nearby! Lucky us! It is our Recruits. We urgently need to help them! My lord they want to blow us up! Don't let the Bomber Skeletons get to us! The more levels you complete in the compaign, the bigger the reward you will get! Our army has cleared the island of enemies! It can be a great location for a Forward Base which helps us to stop an invasion. To biuld a base and to recruit Heroes, we need Gold and Elixir! Let's construct resource extraction buildings. Let's construct our first building. Tap on the construction banner. The mine produces Gold. Tap to build. Tap Rush to complete construction instantly. While construction is underway, let's make a sortie to one of the neighboring islands. To select the level, press play button.

Spell Defense Hint & Tips: how use cheats

1. Collecting Orbs and Gold you get a bonus to the reward! The number and level of buildings depends on the level of the Citadel.
2. Use hack tools menu, and enter Spell Defense cheat code - give: gold, soul stone, elixir, ascension, legendary cards, speed up, crystals, vip status, resources, treasure chest, premium spells
3. The Factory extracts Elixir from the bowels of the earth. Upgrade to increase elixir production. Mining is paused while the building is upgraded.
4. Gnome Shooter attacks the nearest hero when no obstacles block the way. This timer shows flight time of magic balls. When time runs out, all balls will disappear and the turn will automatically end. The monsters have reached the wall! When monsters attack, damage is dealt to the nearest hero. Some monsters, immediately attack all or wounded hero.
5. In the School of Magic, you can train especially strong heroes! Select the Compaign by tapping on the floating island. To select the level, press play button. Tap on the empty slot to add a hero card to the squad.
6. Try to attack Orcs fron behind so they can't block with their shields! Orbs of Healing restore some of the health of the wounded hero. Can't complete the level? Upgrade Heroes or try a different composition. Green marks the characteristics that will improve upon gaining a new level.
7. There are five tiers of hero rarity: Common, Rare, Epic, Legendary and Mythical!
8. In the first 7 days, special missions will be unlocked. The next mission opens after passing one of the available.
9. Build storages for Gold and Elixir to increase your maximum resource capacity!
10. Collect a squad of Heroes with a total of levels at least 20!

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