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SpellMaster Game story

Welcome, participant! Before participating in the competition, let me explain the way of the battle first. Press Daejeon Mode! When the element level reaches 10, you can learn the three-step spelling. Choose a random match! It will be randomly matched against a similar level of opponent. After a while the game starts. You can get various effects depending on the fate you choose before the game starts. If you choose "The Rich", you start with more manas. The game has started. Monsters will soon flock along the circular path you see now! You can learn various spells here using Manna. We need to use various spells to stop monsters from flocking! Buy the elements using the manna you have. The element increases the purchase cost with each time it is purchased.

SpellMaster Hack Basics trucos

Drag the purchased element to the left window. If you use the element as an attribute, you can learn the spelling of the attribute. Cut strongly with the sword of fire 192.4 damage to 2 enemies. Learned spells attack enemies that appear automatically. You can increase the level of spelling by using elements of the same property. Drag and drop an attribute element like onto the fire splash. You can learn another spelling with elements of different attributes. Drag the water element to the left. Ice Cannon - Fire an ice sphere 136.5 damage to enemies in the range of 70: -20% movement speed for 2 seconds. Ice cannon has an effect that slows down enemy speed of the enemy when attacking.

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The store will be renewed after a certain period of time. If necessary, you can also renew your store by pressing the Renew button along the way. Each time you renew a store, the cost of renewal increases, so choose carefully. Try purchasing the newly updated element. Combining two elements of the same property can produce the next step of the element. However, due to a lock of attribute levels, we cannot combine the elements of the next step. The attribute level rises together when the element of that attribute is consumed to increase the level of the spelling learned or learned!

SpellMaster Hint & Tips: how use cheats

1. Add the fluoride element to the fire splash. You can combine two-stage elements when the property level reaches 4, and three-stage elements when it reaches 10.
2. Use hack tools menu, and enter SpellMaster cheat code - give: diamond card privilege pack, vip, draw x10, keys, coins, unlimited energy, stars, shards, evolve, friendship points, revive, inherit
3. To raise the level of the 2nd stage spelling, you need the 2nd stage element. One more time combine the two-stage elements.
4. Use the learned spells to defeat the incoming enemies. You can catch the monster taht appears, or you can acquire additional manas over time! Win the Spell Master competition, the long-standing opponent of this kind wins.
5. You can strengthen your spelling up to 10 levels during the game. You can make your spells more powerful through reinforcement. Press the Enhance button
6. You can increase the level of your character by collecting character fragments. Press the level up button. Level rise, the character is more powerful. Press the level up button.
7. You can combine elements of the same level to create elements of the next level
8. You can also sommon monsters to pressure them. Also, summoning monsters by paying mana increases the mana income earned per hour depending on the monster. You can see that the earnings per hour increased according to the summoned monster
9. Manna imports have increased, but monsters have been caught too easily. If you are curious about the other person's condition, please press the relative information
10. You can see what fate your opponent is choosing and what spelling he or she is using.
11. You want to know what kind of power the sending monster has? Tap and hold on to monster for more information about the monster. Use the characteristics of monsters to strategically utilize them. If the monster is too weak, you can use the upgrade to open the next level. Use summoned monsters to undermine enemy strength! Use monsters properly to win!
12. As the rank rises, the wave monster becomes more powerful. A total of 4 first-stage elements are required for stage 3 elements
13. Complete various missions in the starter quest and get rewards! It will be a great help in progressing to the mastery of spells.
14. Now the tutorial is all over. You worked hard! I'll give you 500 diamonds as a gift for the tutorial! If you need more practice, use practice mode in the event mode.

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