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Spirit Beast of the East use cheats
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Game story

Select a spirit beast to sign the pact and conquer the chaotic world together. The white griffin -can understand the emotions of all living things. And it's aware of their appearances, it's a beast that brings good luck. Kirin - is a beast of benevolence. It can bring good luck and light. And dispel the evils. Torch dragon - a god with a human face and a dragon body. The sun rises when it opens its eyes and the sun sets when it closes them. Winter comes when it exhales and summer arrives when it inhales. The Mortal realm is a fun place, let's go travel there. Collect spirit beasts to gain stellar bonding bonuses. Choose a unit to follow you, to reduce stamina cost for adventures.

Spirit Beast of the East Hack Basics

The higher the essence, the more the essence stones you get from auto battle. The higher the Qi, the more the stamina you get from cultivation. The higher the spirit, the less the stamina cost of stages. You can consume essence stones to level up spirit beasts. Level up increases units three stats. Feed your character elixirs, to make them stronger. Pot of Affluence produces a chest every once in a while. Open chest will grant the following rewards. You need to distribute your resources reasonably to make them count. You can switch the multiplier of level up, so you can level up beasts more quickly. Complete daily missions, to claim abundant rewards. Your efforts will be recorded in achievements. Achievements provide juice rewards, you will need them during the adventure.

Hint & Tips

1. When specified goals has been reached during the event all players can obtain rewards.
2. Use hack tools menu, and enter cheat code - give: stamina, pill, charm, skystone, essence stone, increase rank, activity, ingot, speed up, resources
3. Use identifying charm to identify egg quickly. After a cub is born, you will receive its strength to increase your own stats. Each egg has a limited amount of growth, so you must hatch them patiently, you can use growth pills to restore their growth.

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